Trailblazing Massachusetts AgTech Startups Revolutionizing US Agriculture Scene

January 3, 2024

In today’s evolving era of technology and innovation, Massachusetts is rapidly emerging as a hub for AgTech startups. These startups, launched in 2020 or later, are leading the pathway to sustainable farming techniques, environmental conservation, and digitization of agriculture. Here, we shine a light on these promising AgTech startups headquartered in Massachusetts who are transforming the way we approach agriculture.

While the United States continues to witness a surge in AgTech startups, the ones established in Massachusetts have a distinct edge. These companies, with their unique solutions and innovative ideas, are at the forefront of the AgTech revolution. From intelligent farming techniques to apps that facilitate B2B trade, these startups are paving the way for the future of the agriculture industry.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of AgTech startups to watch. While they may be relatively new, they’ve already begun making their mark in their respective domains. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these companies and their contributions to the AgTech arena.


AgZen, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, creates pesticide sprays that stick to plants. This unique approach helps reduce pollution while enabling farmers to conserve resources. They’re using AgTech to simplify and streamline farming practices, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Northampton-based FogOnyx is another promising AgTech startup changing the farming landscape. Their initiatives and breakthrough innovations have the potential to shape the future of farming, although the specifics are yet to be revealed publicly.

AgriOrigin Inc

Leveraging the latest agricultural technology, AgriOrigin provides an intuitive global B2B platform. By facilitating smoother trade transactions and guaranteeing the highest quality produce, finance, and services, AgriOrigin seeks to empower farmers and buyers alike. Founded by Kunal Nayar and Rakesh Sharma, their operations began in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in 2020, and they’ve been on the trajectory of growth ever since. Find out more about AgriOrigin on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Yard Stick PBC

Founded in Cambridge by Chris Tolles, Evan Arnold, and Kevin Meissner, Yard Stick is revolutionizing environmental engineering through their unique service – measuring soil carbon. By providing evidence-based solutions, Yard Stick is making it possible for farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices that enhance soil health and combat climate change. Know more about their regenerative practices on their LinkedIn page.


Boston-based startup Droppity, co-founded by Adam Korngold and Maksym Ukhanov, is a premier name in ‘AgTech’ and ‘Soil Monitoring’. Combining AgTech with the Internet of Things (IoT), Droppity is providing solutions to help farmers monitor their fields more efficiently. To connect with Droppity, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Farmblox, founded by John Dyer, Marc Printz, Mitch Gaines, and Nathan Rosenberg in Boston, is all about making farming smarter. By employing IoT and machine learning, Farmblox offers farm monitoring and automation for operations of all sizes. By removing the guesswork from farming, they’ve succeeded in increasing yields whilst saving labor. Learn more about their innovative solutions on their LinkedIn page.

These startups represent the cutting-edge of technology-driven innovation in AgTech in Massachusetts. Although they are at the infancy of their business journey, their commitment to sustainability and innovation is paving the way for a resplendent future of farming.

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