Michigan’s Consulting Pioneers: Unleashing Innovation and Transformation

July 11, 2023


Michigan is a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation, and its consulting industry stands at the forefront of driving business transformation. In this article, we delve into the dynamic world of consulting startups in Michigan, showcasing 15 remarkable companies that are revolutionizing industries, providing cutting-edge solutions, and helping organizations thrive. From cloud migration and cybersecurity to telehealth and software engineering, these consulting firms are leveraging their expertise to solve complex challenges and propel businesses forward. Join us as we explore their unique offerings, innovative approaches, and the impact they are making in Michigan’s vibrant consulting ecosystem.

Vehya: Simplifying the Electrification of Things (EoT)

Website: Vehya

Description: Vehya offers expert consulting services to streamline and navigate the complexities of the Electrification of Things (EoT), enabling businesses to embrace sustainable technological advancements.

KochaSoft: Empowering Businesses with Cloud Solutions and SAP Expertise

Website: KochaSoft

Description: KochaSoft specializes in cloud training, IT consulting, cloud migration services, and SAP solutions, helping businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Transcenda: Enabling Digital Transformation and Product Delivery

Website: Transcenda

Description: Transcenda is a global design and engineering services provider, offering expertise in scaling organizations, driving digital transformation, and delivering innovative products.

Crointel: Research-Driven Open Innovation Consulting

Website: Crointel

Description: Crointel is a research-oriented private business specializing in the open innovation model, collaborating with organizations to unlock new opportunities and drive growth.

LENS Inc.: Transforming Industries through Computer Vision and AI

Website: LENS Inc.

Description: LENS Inc. is a consulting firm at the forefront of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), providing businesses with innovative solutions to revolutionize their processes and products.

Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety: Expert Consulting for Healthcare

Website: Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety

Description: Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety offers consulting and software support services for the healthcare sector, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Pytheus: Strengthening Cybersecurity with Professional Services

Website: Pytheus

Description: Pytheus is a Michigan-based IT company specializing in cybersecurity professional services, empowering organizations to protect their digital assets and mitigate cyber threats.

SmartIT: Maximizing Business Potential through Strategic IT Consulting

Website: SmartIT

Description: SmartIT is an IT consulting firm that helps businesses optimize technology investments, harnessing the power of IT to drive productivity, innovation, and growth.

ASGTek: Delivering ERP Consulting and Project Management Services

Website: ASGTek

Description: ASGTek provides ERP consulting services, project planning, implementation and training, and project management expertise, ensuring seamless business operations and growth.

Sage Solutions Group: Empowering Businesses with Compliance and HR Solutions

Website: Sage Solutions Group

Description: Sage Solutions Group offers comprehensive compliance services and human resources solutions, helping businesses navigate regulatory requirements and optimize workforce management.

SodiusWillert: Driving Systems and Software Engineering Excellence

Website: SodiusWillert

Description: SodiusWillert is a global software tool provider, delivering influential extensions for major systems and software engineering tools, enabling organizations to excel in their development processes.

Marek Health: Revolutionizing Telehealth and Wellness Consulting

Website: Marek Health

Description: Marek Health is a telehealth platform offering consulting, hormone replacement therapy, skincare, and weight loss services, enhancing individual wellness and healthcare outcomes.

Tech Johnny: Delivering Remote Monitoring and Cybersecurity Services

Website: Tech Johnny

Description: Tech Johnny provides remote monitoring, cybersecurity, risk prevention, software installation, networking, wireless printing, and home services, ensuring technological resilience for businesses and individuals.

eShocan: Engineering Services and Product Development Excellence

Website: eShocan

Description: eShocan is a product development and engineering services company, empowering businesses to bring innovative ideas to life and drive market competitiveness.

XPress Capital: Streamlining Insurance Premium Billing and Payment Plans

Website: XPress Capital

Description: XPress Capital offers customized insurance premium billing and payment plans for the insurance and related industries, providing convenient financial solutions.


Michigan’s consulting landscape is vibrant and filled with startups that bring innovative solutions to businesses across various industries. These 15 consulting companies are leveraging their expertise in areas such as cloud migration, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and healthcare to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and fuel growth for organizations in Michigan and beyond. As Michigan continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, these consulting pioneers are at the forefront, shaping the future of business and positioning the state as a hub for transformative consulting services.

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