Here’s How To Get Free Spins In Online Casinos

December 23, 2021
Here’s How To Get Free Spins In Online Casinos

Whether you’re new to online gambling or a seasoned player, free spins is probably a term that you’re familiar with. Free spins are well received by most, if not all players, as they provide more pros than cons. Besides, they’re completely free –– and who doesn’t like a free shot at winning more money? This article will give an introduction to free spins, wagering requirements, the types of free spins, and how to fully maximize them.

Here’s How To Get Free Spins In Online Casinos

What Are Free Spins?

In a nutshell, free spins are complimentary chances for you to play slot games at no additional cost. Every time you use a certain slot machine, you’ll be entitled to a set number of free spins that come in the form of no deposit bonuses or part of a deposit bonus package. These rewards are even offered at many one-dollar minimum deposit casinos, which minimizes potential risks even further.

Although this may sound too good to be true, free spins are often used in marketing to attract new players and to retain loyal ones. If you’ve come across Bingotastic free spins, you can be assured that there aren’t any hidden costs to this –– It’s all fair and safe play given by the online casino site for its players. However, do note that these bonuses do come with a set of terms and conditions and wagering requirements that you’ll need to take note of before claiming them.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you have to bet before you can turn the money that you won from the free spins into real money. In other words, if you have won some prize money from the free spins that are given to you, the wagering requirements will require you to continue betting a certain number of times or a specific amount of money before you are allowed to convert the bonus money into real money.

For example, an online casino site offers free spin bonuses with a wagering requirement of 50 times. Let’s say that you’ve managed to win $10 from the free spins. Before you can cash that 10 bucks in your wallet, the wagering requirement will need you to bet a total of $500 in the games, which is 50 times your winning.

Do note that every online game has different wagering requirements so be sure to check them out and decide for yourself if the free spins are worth it. Slots are often known for counting a 100% towards wagering requirements, but games such as blackjack and roulette only contribute 10 to 20% of every bet.

Types of Free Spins

Although free spins may seem straightforward, there are thousands of variations available that can come in different shapes and sizes. Hence, it’s important to know how to differentiate between the common forms of free spins. This helps you to maximize your chances to earn real money, whilst minimizing any potential risks that you may have to face. The last thing you would want is to lose money over a mistake that could’ve been prevented! Here are the more common ones that you should look out for.

No-deposit Free Spins

This is by far the most popular form of free spins –– the ones that do not require you to fork out any money at all! These are usually found at the most popular slots on the site where there is a steady flow of players entering the game. Usually, no-deposit free spins offer lesser spins but hey, who’s to complain?

Deposit Free Spins

As the name suggests, you’ll need to deposit a certain amount of money in an online casino before being eligible to claim free spins. This kind of free spin usually comes with the least wagering restrictions –– which means that you won’t have to bet so much money afterward to collect your prize money.

No-Wager Free Spins

A relatively new variation of free spins, no-wager free spins rewards the player without them having to meet any wagering requirements to be eligible. This means that your net profit would be higher as compared to playing with other types of free spins, which makes them significantly more player-friendly. However, wager-free free spins are fairly new to the world of online casinos so it might be rather challenging to find them.

Finding Free Spins

Welcome Bonuses

More often than not, free spins will be offered to you by the online casino site. If you are a new player, you’ll probably receive free spins as part of a welcome bonus package. Again, there’s no catch or hidden agendas with this – it’s a way to incentivize the new players to continue patronizing their site. Do remember that there will be a wagering requirement for welcome bonuses, so think twice before investing!

Loyalty Rewards

Other than new sign-up packages, free spins are sometimes offered to devoted players who consistently play on specific online casino sites. Free spins are given to these players as a reward for their loyalty. Once again, don’t forget to check the wagering requirement.

Promotional Deals

Free spins are also commonly found with promotional deals that the online casino site has to offer. Buy a membership or spend a certain amount of money and you might just get some free spins on the side. It’s a marketing strategy to incentivize players to purchase the products while feeling as though they got their money’s worth.

Are They Worth The Risk?

Now that you have a rough idea of what free spins are and the conditions that come with them, you might be wondering if you can actually win any profits from them. Every kind of bet always comes with a risk and free spins are not an exception, especially if you use the free spins on games that you’ve never played before.

However, the benefits of free spins outweigh the costs. Not only do you not need to fork out any of your own money to play the game, but you also get to explore new types of games that you might have not come across before. Who knows? You might find a new slot game that you prefer. Winning money from free spins is definitely a bonus and if you don’t, there’s really nothing much for you to lose. Just play with an open mind and remember to have fun in the process!


Although free spins do hold a degree of uncertainty, using them undoubtedly adds a touch of fun and excitement to one’s online casino experience. Don’t be hesitant about free spins –– if you get them, use them. Who said that playing in online casinos should only be about winning money and facing tough competition –– with free spins, you’re guaranteed to liven up your experience and make it enjoyable as well.

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