Zero Waste Businesses: 9 Materials You Can And Should Recycle

February 9, 2022
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Sustainability and zero waste practices are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are focusing on becoming zero waste to help them meet the demands of modern customers. Almost all things in your office or warehouse can be recycled if you know where to go.

You should familiarize yourself with the recycling businesses in your area. Ensure you know exactly where to go when you need to recycle your business materials, and soon you will be able to advertise your company as a zero-waste business.


Sell your old computers rather than throw them out. Ensure you remove all proprietary information from the machine before selling. If your computers no longer work, look for a business that will recycle the parts. Consider donating old but functional machines to schools.

Office Furniture

Break down old office furniture to separate the materials. Go to your local recycling center and recycle the parts in the appropriate area. If your office furniture is still useable, sell them to other businesses or list them for sale online.


Reduce the amount of paper used in your office by going digital. Use digital forms instead of hardcopy. Shred any documents with sensitive information and recycle the shredded paper. Find a local business that offers collection of shredded paper.

Light Bulbs

Collect conked bulbs to store for recycling. Split them by type. Research local recycling centers that accept light bulbs and make the trip when you have enough bulbs to be worthwhile.


Copper can crop up in workplaces of any sector. It can be found in electronics, cabling and during construction. Look for a local business that offers reasonable prices for scrap copper. For instance, Gardner Metal Recycling offers some of Texas’s most competitive scrap copper prices.


Spare cables can be recycled for their components. Keep all spare and unwanted cables neatly organized and take them to a recycling center specializing in cabling.


It is a legal requirement in many states for electronics manufacturers to offer recycling services for their products. If you have monitors and other electronics, contact the manufacturer about their recycling offers.

Printers And Printer Cartridges

Talk to your office supplier to find out if they take back and recycle old printer cartridges. Choose a supplier that offers this service. Look for local schemes and initiatives that take printers and cartridges.


Take your old business vehicles to a scrap yard or recycling center. If they are still in good condition, sell them on. Price fairly to ensure you find a buyer.


Any scrap or unwanted items in your business can be recycled. It is best to gather the items you want to recycle and build up a collection to make taking it to the recycling center worthwhile. Look for recycling businesses that are willing to collect. Ensure you know where to take each of the materials and choose companies that are reputable and will keep your scrap out of landfill.

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