Visitor Management Software For Enterprise Safety: Top Features To Consider

June 26, 2023
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In June 2023, Security Magazine stated that managing visitors is a core part of organizational safety. The security teams across multiple industries have effectively managed an increased volume of VIPs and visitors daily. It means deploying a robust visitor management system can enhance security, improve accountability, streamline operations, and create valuable data for reinforcing all security measures.

Numerous visitor management (VM) software solutions offer contactless check-in features as facial recognition and QR codes. These systems can automatically notify hosts through texts or emails upon a visitor’s arrival, enabling improved supervision and reducing security risks in urgent situations. By requiring visitors to check in, present identification, and obtain a visitor badge, these systems provide an additional layer of security to organizations.

Visitor Management Software: The Best Features to Consider

In March 2023, Globalnewswire stated that the projected growth of the global visitor management system market is significant, with an estimated market value of US$ 1,393.9 million in 2023. This growth trajectory suggests that the market size could reach US$ 5,940.32 million by 2033, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6%.

That means, there are many VM software that are available and can get customized to your requirement. Do you want to invest in one for your company? If yes, here are the crucial features to consider, so that you can reap the maximum benefits:

Personalized Check-In Workflows

Once GDPR got implemented (General Data Protection Regulation), there was a significant shift in data-capturing procedures aimed at enhancing the precision of information requests. However, this change had notable repercussions for traditional visitor management methods, resulting in higher expenses in terms of time and resources. The costs encompassed activities such as generating, arranging, printing, and storing third-party data obtained, which posed challenges for front-of-house employees who had to juggle new ways alongside their existing responsibilities.

Therefore, modern-day visitor management systems should offer adaptable check-in processes customized for various visitor categories, including interviewees, guests, and couriers. For instance, when a person arrives for an interview, they may be asked to provide information about the position they have applied for, share the name of their host, and undergo an image capture to finalize their check-in workflow.

Greetly emphasizes that the leading visitor management software providers should have an easy-to-use yet visually appealing interface that leaves a lasting impression on users. The service providers should strive to streamline the operational efficiency of an organization with their offerings. A standout feature that service providers should offer is a touchless visitor check-in, which can be a game-changer in the office space.

Operational Comfort

Ensuring a seamless and hassle-free visitor experience is essential when managing visitors on-site. If the visitor management software is time-consuming and complex, it can obstruct employee efficiency and lead to visitor discomfort.

The best visitor management system should get installed easily without any complications, reducing the need for a specialized technician. It is important to recognize that not all employees or receptionists may have advanced computer or digital device skills. Hence, the visitor management system should be user-friendly and operate smoothly.

Sign Digital Form

Other than the changes in capturing data prompted by the GDPR, the advent of the new European legislation profoundly impacted data security, for preventing data breaches in any European organization. When it comes to front-of-house operations, the conventional procedures of storing and recording visitor data have witnessed the online transformation, with big companies embracing these advancements to mitigate data breaches.

The incorporation of the NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), legal forms and various other signatory needs to the visitor check-in flow is essential. This feature gets used by companies that can improve data security and reduce the manual tasks linked with the check-in process.

Customer Service

The significance of customer service provided by a visitor management system is frequently underestimated. Regardless of the system’s excellent features, if the customer service is subpar, the full potential of the VMS cannot be realized.

What are the essential indicators of a company that offers exemplary customer service? They are:

  • Email support
  • Direct customer service number
  • Live Chat
  • Support Ticket System

That aside, VM software should also help with online tutorials and webinars. It is because these sessions will provide guidance to the users and help them to explore every feature and leverage the software.

Finally, the apt VM software should also be able to customize the visitor badges. Whether a visitor checks in upon arrival or pre-registers, the VM solution should enable quick printing of customized ID badges within seconds. In certain situations where Access Control integrations get deployed, the ID badges are scanned at the control points to have entry into authorized zones that have been configured accordingly.


While choosing a VM software for improving enterprise safety, it is crucial to consider the essential features that match with your organization’s requirements. The software should prioritize data security and compliance, offer customizable check-in workflows for different visitor types, provide a user-friendly interface for seamless operations, and include features like ID badge printing and access control integration. Additionally, exceptional customer service and ongoing technical support are essential for a successful implementation and smooth day-to-day usage.

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