US Analytics Innovators: Spotlight on Mountain View Based Startups

January 3, 2024


The analytics industry is a driving force behind many revolutionary changes in technology. Whether it’s in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, or cloud computing, analytics provides the much-needed insight for businesses to make informed decisions. It’s only fitting that this flourishing industry has given birth to several startups, which have started making their mark. We turn our attention to the startups born amidst the challenges of 2020 that are operating at the heart of Mountain View, California, a city known for its technological prowess.

Stacked with some of the most ambitious and innovative minds, these startups are immensely diversifying the analytics ecosystem. By understanding the evolving technological needs, they’ve adopted an alternative approach, providing unique solutions that are constantly steering the industry to new heights. These companies have managed to make enterprises digital-native by providing enhanced data accessibility, improving data quality, and securely sharing information within and across organizations.

This feature highlights six such early-stage companies that are creating ripples in the Analytics industry with their cutting-edge solutions and services. From ecological monitoring to advanced data catalogs, from business intelligence to high-performance data access, these startups are exhibiting a new era of analytics.


Comon specializes in providing species identification, ecological monitoring, and geological assessment services, leveraging drone imagery. They offer comprehensive reports about natural sites, from soil samples to weather patterns. You can find more about Comon and their solutions on their website.

S3 Technology Group

The S3 Technology Group is an IT service and product firm, offering a spectrum of services in data analytics, data science, AI, machine learning, contractual outsourcing, cloud computing, and network engineering. Visit their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more.


Founded by Brad Hipps and Nolan Wright, Socratic merges task management with performance intelligence. The company assists professionals in understanding work patterns and enhancing productivity. Check them out on their website and LinkedIn page.


IOMETE, brought to life by Piet Jan de Bruin and Vusal Dadalov, offers a robust serverless lakehouse, spark jobs, a SQL editor, and an advanced data catalog. With built-in autoscaling and AWS backing, it aims to make enterprises data-driven. Visit their website and LinkedIn page to learn more.

Voltron Data

Voltron Data, a creativity of Darren Haas, Joshua Patterson, Keith Kraus, and Rodrigo Aramburu, focuses on enhancing data access and in-memory computing tools. It aims to improve data science efficiency with modular and composable analytics building blocks. Visit the website and LinkedIn page for more information.


Founded by Emeric Ureel, Javier Roberts, Martin Ferreyra, and Tomas Achaval, Wilab operates Skyline, a 5G Network Data Analytics function (NWDAF). This service helps mobile operators gather, analyze and act on data generated by 5G networks to predict incidents and automate decisions. Visit their website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page to learn more.


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