Unleashing the Power of Play: Innovative Sports Companies Shaping Missouri’s Athletic Landscape

July 11, 2023


Missouri, the heartland of America, is home to a vibrant and dynamic sports ecosystem. In this article, we delve into the world of sports startups in Missouri and showcase 15 remarkable companies that are transforming the way we play, compete, and experience athletic events. From eSports platforms to AI-powered sporting goods, these startups are leveraging technology and innovation to enhance the sports landscape in the Show-Me State. Join us as we explore the exciting world of sports startups in Missouri and uncover the visionaries who are reshaping the game.

Mission Control: Redefining Recreational Gaming Leagues

Website: Mission Control

Description: Mission Control’s eSports platform enables the creation of recreational gaming leagues, bringing friends together for fun-filled competitive gaming experiences.

Crossbar: Empowering Youth Sports Organizations with SaaS

Website: Crossbar

Description: Crossbar provides a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that streamlines the management of youth sports organizations, helping them operate efficiently and deliver exceptional experiences.

ROUND2: Revolutionizing Access to Affordable Sporting Goods

Website: ROUND2

Description: ROUND2 utilizes artificial intelligence to connect youth athletes with affordable sporting goods, making sports equipment more accessible for young players.

StatRoute Inc.: Simplifying Complex Sports Statistics

Website: StatRoute Inc.

Description: StatRoute Inc. simplifies complex sports statistics, providing user-friendly platforms for fantasy sports consumers and sports bettors to make informed decisions.

Basketball Training Systems: Elevating Youth Basketball Businesses

Website: Basketball Training Systems

Description: Basketball Training Systems offers a comprehensive platform that supports the operation of profitable youth basketball businesses, providing essential resources and services.

OutdoorMetrix: Guiding Outdoor Enthusiasts with an App-Based Platform

Website: Not available

Description: OutdoorMetrix is an app-based guide and management platform tailored for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, providing valuable information and tools for an optimal outdoor experience.

Venku: Curating Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures

Website: Venku

Description: Venku offers expert guidance and products for hunting adventures, eco-tours, fishing trips, wilderness camping, and curated glamping getaways, providing unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Homefield: Fueling Fan Engagement through a Competitive Social Network

Website: Homefield

Description: Homefield creates a competitive social network for sporting events, facilitating fan-to-fan communication and connecting enthusiasts with their favorite teams.

Ballparks of America: Transforming the Tournament Experience

Website: Ballparks of America

Description: Ballparks of America offers a unique real estate solution, providing a baseball stay-and-play tournament facility with team suites, enhancing the tournament experience for players and families.

First Energy Gum: Energizing Athletes with Caffeinated Gum

Website: First Energy Gum

Description: First Energy Gum provides a caffeinated energy gum that delivers a long-lasting energy boost within 10 minutes, enhancing athletic performance for athletes on the go.

Futbol Club STL: Empowering Indoor Soccer Training

Website: Futbol Club STL

Description: Futbol Club STL is an indoor soccer training club offering field rental, training programs, and corporate event services, fostering a passion for soccer within the community.

Kansas City Current: Elevating Women’s Soccer in Missouri

Website: Kansas City Current

Description: Kansas City Current is a women’s soccer team that aims to promote and empower female athletes, contributing to the growth and development of women’s soccer in Missouri.

Smith Elite Family Chiropractic: Enhancing Health and Well-being

Website: Smith Elite Family Chiropractic

Description: Smith Elite Family Chiropractic provides comprehensive chiropractic care, helping individuals overcome chronic health and mental health challenges to lead healthier lives.

Sandlot Boss Baseball Academy: Empowering Baseball Enthusiasts

Website: Sandlot Boss Baseball Academy

Description: Sandlot Boss Baseball Academy offers personal training, travel baseball opportunities, and wellness services, nurturing the skills and development of aspiring baseball players.

SportsHighlights: Uniting Sports Enthusiasts with the Latest Highlights

Website: SportsHighlights

Description: SportsHighlights covers international sports matches, providing sports enthusiasts with the latest highlights across a wide range of sports, fostering a global sports community.


Missouri’s sports startups are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging technology and creative solutions to transform the sports industry. From eSports platforms to youth sports management systems and outdoor adventure apps, these startups are enhancing participation, fan engagement, and access to sports resources. With their passion for athletics and dedication to improving the sporting experience, these 15 remarkable companies are shaping the future of sports in Missouri, inspiring athletes, fans, and communities alike. As Missouri continues to embrace innovation in sports, these startups will play a pivotal role in championing new possibilities and taking the state’s sports industry to new heights.

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