Triplay: How AI Helps You Make A Travel Plan In Just A Couple Of Minutes

November 10, 2023
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Covid’s hard times are a thing of the past and the tourism industry is once again showing strong growth. Traveling is still an important element of everyone’s life. After all, traveling is not only a way to cope with the daily routine. Traveling allows you to immerse yourself in a world of different cultures and stories. It is an endless source of inspiration.

But while the very idea of traveling is exciting, the planning process can be overwhelming. Each of us has experienced the need to spend time monitoring numerous forums and painstakingly taking notes. At the same time, we have no guarantee that our plan will be free of errors, something every traveler faces.

It’s great that the Travel tech industry today is not limited to booking airline tickets and hotels online. New user-friendly tools are emerging that can improve the quality of the travel experience. One of the digital products that can improve our lives is Triplay. Its functionality allows us to get rid of the boring routine of travel planning once and for all. The Triplay team has managed to combine its deep engineering expertise with the power of artificial intelligence. This guarantees a qualitatively new level of travelling.

Triplay travel planner is the brainchild of technology enthusiasts and travel lovers facing similar problems. Triplay CEO Aleksandra Chinchenko and her team of engineers have been working together for a long time. They have many years of experience in developing digital products. The guys have successfully developed SaaS products for startups and enterprise business. But the desire to create a product which truly makes an impact encouraged them to start a new venture.

Passion for traveling is what truly unites Aleksandra’s team. The guys wondered how they could improve their experience and help others to travel to new cities and countries more easily? This is how the idea of creating a company called Triplay came about. The team utilized all their knowledge and the magic of AI, powered limitless volumes of data, to revolutionize travel planning experience.

Enthusiasm and professional acumen helped achieve the desired result. A team of eight people created an AI-powered tool that generates unique itineraries in real time based on users’ interests. Whether you love ancient architecture or underwater adventures, Triplay will design a travel plan just for you. And the process of generating a detailed route takes only a couple of minutes! With Triplay, users have the ability to easily adjust their travel plans by adding locations themselves. Personalising the experience is proof that the future is already here.

The travel industry is evolving before our eyes. Technologies are emerging that are changing the way we think about travel. Triplay is a very good example. One of Tryplay’s main competitive advantages is the use of geodata to build an optimal travel plan for each day. This feature minimises the total time spent travelling between locations. Technology empowers travellers to manage their time in the most productive way possible. This means that each of us will be able to see more interesting places than ever before. In addition, Triplay’s capabilities allow users to self-adjust not only the characteristics of the places, but also the intensity of the travel plan. And this ensures that users are sure to get the most out of their journey.

Triplay also provides valuable information such as restaurant check size and weather forecast for the duration of the trip. Flexibility is at the heart of the app: add any location and watch Triplay rearrange your route in real time. You can even export your routes to Google Maps by selecting your preferred mode of transportation or walking.

Triplay covers the entire globe, so any city could potentially be the location of your next adventure. While the development team is perfecting this travel wonder, they are offering full free access to trip planning. Visit the and plan your next travel adventure! Share with your friends and leave reviews. This will help as many users as possible to get all the benefits of this unique travel planner!

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