Top Georgia Startups Revolutionizing the US Advice Industry Landscape

January 2, 2024

Providing advice, guidance, and industry-specific know-how is something that has been around for as long as commerce itself. A wide array of industries continue to grow and evolve within the Advice sector, addressing every aspect of the business spectrum, from real estate to IT, business management to personal wealth. Here, we are going to shine the spotlight on a selection of startups from the sunshine state of Georgia that have made their mark within this sector since their inception in, or after, 2020.

These startups have established themselves with strategies and services designed to help their clients navigate the commercial landscape. They utilize a combination of traditional methods and innovative, data-driven approaches to deliver superior services in their individual niches. This growth is the direct result of the modern business environment’s need for specific advice from experts with extensive experience in their fields.

Whether you’re a burgeoning business looking for guidance, an investor looking for opportunities or anyone interested in the startup world, here are some startups to watch in the Advice industry.

Southsource Advisors

Specializing in commercial real estate, Southsource Advisors is based in Atlanta, Georgia. They work closely with building owners, users, and capital sources, leveraging both traditional methods and data-driven digital marketing to maximize building awareness. Their adept use of cross-platform methods stands them out among others in their industry. Connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Realty Companies

Based in Alpharetta, Realty Companies is a startup that specializes in advice regarding civil engineering, construction, and real estate. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Another Atlanta-based startup, FIDES, operates in the commercial real estate, property development, and real estate investment sectors. Stay updated via LinkedIn.

Seraphim Wealth Advisors

Atlanta’s Seraphim Wealth Advisors specialize in the sectors of financial services, retirement, and wealth management. Stay connected with them through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


PopIntros provides advice in the fields of consulting and social assistance from their Atlanta base. They’re accessible on LinkedIn.

Utility 2030 Collaborative

The Utility 2030 Collaborative is a membership-based organization based in Alpharetta. They offer leadership development, mentoring, innovation, and cultural change services along with customer experience and infrastructure modernization products. Follow them LinkedIn and Twitter.

ARC Business Management

Located in Atlanta, ARC Business Management provides advice in the fields of accounting, financial services, and professional services. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Tech Ahura

Tech Ahura provides IT and consulting advice from their Atlanta base. You can stay updated via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gemini toll free service

Atlanta-based Gemini toll free service offers advice in business development, legal, and marketing areas. Stay connected on LinkedIn.


Located in Brunswick, Georgia, 1789 provides advice in business development, consulting, and customer service. They specialize in consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in international trade. Find them on Facebook.

Daner Wealth Management

From Alpharetta, Georgia, Daner Wealth Management offers advice in the fields of financial services and lending. You are welcome to connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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