The Backbone of Broken Bow: Spotlight on Real Estate Companies in Nebraska’s Gateway to the West

Discover the Thriving Real Estate Landscape of Broken Bow, Nebraska – A Home for Various Specialized Real Estate Companies

Custer Title & Abstract

Starting the lineup, Custer Title & Abstract is a significant player in the real estate industry of Broken Bow. Specializing in real estate and financial services, they are also renowned as a title company, providing top-notch services for title searches, title insurance, and escrow services.

Farmers National Company

With a portfolio covering a vast range of services, Farmers National Company stands tall in the local real estate scene. A master of many trades, their categories span from being a Real Estate Agent to Auctioneer, serving Commercial Real Estate, Agricultural sectors, and even Home & Residential Real Estate.


As the name implies, IDEAL Realty, LLC focuses on providing ideal solutions for their clientele. Their prowess lies within their dedication to offering comprehensive real estate services, making them a go-to agency for real estate deals in Broken Bow.

Green Eackers Realty

Showcasing exceptional expertise in property management and real estate, Green Eackers Realty is a distinguished company in Broken Bow’s real estate industry. They offer a wide range of services designed to cater to their clients’ various real estate needs.

Stock Realty & Auction Company

Though they have not provided a web address, Stock Realty & Auction Company deserves mention for their valuable contribution to Broken Bow’s real estate landscape. As an established real estate agency, they offer comprehensive services that extend to appraisals, auctions, and house sales.

Woodward Allan Agency Insurance

Woodward Allan Agency Insurance, though without an online presence, is a known name in the auctioneers’ niche. They offer an array of services, including real estate sales and auctions, ensuring a holistic approach to their real estate operations.

Brokenbow Apartments

Brokenbow Apartments are a notable presence in the residential real estate sector. Their services majorly revolve around providing high-quality apartments and other residential solutions for locals and newcomers alike.

Great Plains Agribusiness

Specializing in agribusiness, Great Plains Agribusiness offers a unique twist in the real estate arena. With services extending to real estate appraising, brokerage, and more, they provide tailored solutions for the agribusiness industry.

Sargent City Housing Authority

Last but not least, the Sargent City Housing Authority holds a pivotal role in managing Broken Bow’s public housing. As real estate managers, they ensure that everyone in the city has access to affordable, quality housing.


From broad spectrum real estate agencies to specialized services, these real estate companies form the backbone of the vibrant property landscape in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Each company has carved out its niche, contributing to the diverse and dynamic real estate industry in this charming city.

Written by Mobb

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