Spotlight on LA-Based Mobile App Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 29, 2024

The arena of mobile apps has been revolutionized by exciting new startups entering the field. Many of these innovative companies hail from Los Angeles, California, and are taking digital bearings to a new level. Through the creation of unique mobile apps, these enterprises are shaping the way we interact with technology. Despite facing the challenges of operating in a saturated market and pandemic-induced economy, these companies are rapidly making their marks. This article will take a look at some of these startups and their offerings.

Los Angeles, often dubbed as the ‘Silicon Beach’, has become a thriving hub for tech entrepreneurship. The city has witnessed the inception of numerous startups in recent years, particularly those in the mobile apps industry. These organizations span across a range of sectors, from health to finance to entertainment, tapping into the limitless potential of app-based business models.

The startups profiled herein started in 2020 or later, demonstrating the robustness of L.A.’s tech scene despite global economic volatility. Let’s dive into the world of these visionary entities, understand their unique selling propositions, and discover how they are making waves in the industry. Below, you can read an overview of these impressive startups, including their founding date, industry of operation, founders, and a brief description of their undertakings.


A brainchild of Miles Beckett and Steve Seigel, Flossy is a dental platform aiming to revolutionize the way patients access dental services. By bypassing insurance and offering a pay-as-you-go model, Flossy allows patients to connect directly with dentists, book appointments, and pay for services. Facebook | LinkedIn | @hiflossy

Encore Music Technologies

Co-founded by Kid Cudi, Ian Edelman, and Jonathan Gray, Encore Music Technologies offers interactive live music experiences enabling artists to monetize their fan connections. Facebook | LinkedIn | @clapforencore


Fika is an online video conversation platform, co-founded by Adam Altman, Alec Berg, Bubba Murarka, and Engin Kurutepe. @terriblepets


Lalabox, founded by Kirill Avery and Yurii Yatsenko, is the next big thing in mobile entertainment combining live-streaming with e-commerce. Facebook | LinkedIn | @lalaboxio


Upward, developed by founder Osvaldo Rodriguez, is a personal financial app specifically tailored to the needs of independent contractors and gig workers. LinkedIn


OKTY is a game-changing mobile app that empowers individuals to earn from their personal data. LinkedIn


Established by Jessica Rosenbluth and Leslie Smith, el3ment strives to create a global music community through its cutting-edge mobile app. Facebook | LinkedIn | @_el3ment


Splashmob bridges the gap between artists and audiences through its innovative real-time interaction software. LinkedIn


Vinofy is a communal platform that allows wine enthusiasts to explore and share their experiences. Facebook | LinkedIn | @vinofyapp


Designed by Michael Yazji, ClubPass is a mobile app that enables seamless transactions at nightclubs and bars, streamlining the nightlife experience for patrons and business owners alike. Facebook | LinkedIn | @ClubPass_US

Supernova Media Technologies

Supernova Media Technologies is leading the charge in creating mobile apps for the film and television industry. Facebook | LinkedIn | @cinapse_io

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