Spotlight on Farmingdale: Uncovering the Distinctive Accounting Firms

June 23, 2023

Mauriello Enterprises

An Accounting firm that provides you with expert advice year-round, be it last-minute tax questions or year-round financial planning. Mauriello Enterprises is at your service whenever you need them.

Gilmartin Consulting

Gilmartin Consulting is another remarkable name in the accounting industry, specializing in providing accounting services. Their website provides a glimpse into their capabilities.

Anthony Zaino CPA, LLC

Another addition to the accounting industry of Farmingdale is Anthony Zaino CPA, LLC. With a highly skilled team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), they strive to meet the financial needs of their clients.

Premier Tax Advisory, LLC

An industry-leading firm, Premier Tax Advisory, LLC provides specialized accounting and tax advisory services.

R F Miller Consulting

An Engineering consulting firm with a diverse range of services including accounting and management services. Though the website isn’t available, they’ve made a name for themselves with their integrated services.

George Harms Construction Company, Inc

Not a conventional accounting firm, George Harms Construction Company, Inc incorporates financial management into their vast array of construction services. Their financial capabilities play a significant role in delivering large-scale, heavy civil construction projects.

Brendon Pierson Inc

Though their specific services remain undisclosed, Brendon Pierson Inc operates in the accounting and financial planning industry.


RAPKA & RAPKA CPA’S is another firm with a diverse range of services, including accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping. Their robust team of Certified Public Accountants stands as testament to their expertise.

CBIP Management Inc

CBIP Management Inc. has made a name for themselves in the industry offering a blend of services, including accounting, management services, and legal & financial advice.

Warner, Lott, Duritza & Lowe Accountants and Consultants

Specializing in financial services, Warner, Lott, Duritza & Lowe offers a team of Accountants and Certified Public Accountants that serve both individuals and businesses.

Brendon Pierson

Brendon Pierson shines in the financial industry with over 30 years of experience, providing comprehensive financial services to individuals and businesses.

Paul S Moore

Paul S Moore combines architectural services with accounting and management services, operating under the website They offer a unique blend of expertise.

Rosenfarbwinters & Co Cpas

Rosenfarbwinters & Co Cpas provides expertise in accounting, ensuring clients are well serviced with their financial needs.

Pippin Inc

Pippin Inc offers an integrated range of services including accounting and commercial physical research. They are known for their innovative approach to offering business solutions.

From specialized accounting firms to industry giants with accounting divisions, Farmingdale’s diverse range of companies ensures a comprehensive suite of services for its community. These organizations not only contribute to Farmingdale’s economic growth, but also showcase the evolution of accounting practices in the modern world.

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