Spiritual Brookfield: A Tapestry of Faith & Fellowship in Wisconsin

August 20, 2023

Brookfield Lutheran Church-Lcms

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Rooted in the Lutheran tradition, this church offers a serene space for worship and reflection, with a rich calendar of religious events and gatherings.

St Johns Lutheran Church

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With members hailing from all corners of Milwaukee and beyond, St. Johns Lutheran Church is more than a place of worship; it’s a community where the Holy Spirit thrives and stories are shared.

Unitarian Universalist Church West

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Championing diversity, freedom, and interfaith dialogue, this church is a haven for those seeking inclusivity. From spiritual seekers to atheists, everyone finds a home here.

Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church Elca

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Another gem in the Lutheran tradition, Gethsemane Evangelical serves the community both spiritually and through its various outreach programs.

Lao Christian Church

A beacon for the Christian community, this church is a testament to Brookfield’s rich tapestry of faiths and cultures.

CEF Southeast WI

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Dedicated to service and spirituality, CEF Southeast WI merges faith with action in the heart of Brookfield.

Brookfield Congregational Church Ucc

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As a vital part of the Brookfield religious scene, this church welcomes believers and seekers alike.

Trinity United Church Of Christ

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An Open and Affirming church, Trinity United embraces all with open arms, regardless of where they stand in life’s journey.


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Fusing faith with charity, Doxology serves as both a religious center and a charitable organization.

Orthodox Christian Charities

Offering spiritual nourishment alongside community services, this organization is a testament to Brookfield’s sense of community.

Layton Study Center

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Going beyond mere worship, the Layton Study Center offers a place for youth to engage, learn, and grow in their faith.

Community United Methodist Church Of Elm Grove

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With a focus on worship and education, this Methodist church serves as a pillar of faith in the community, offering services and Sunday school for all ages.

Mt Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church-Elca

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Another cornerstone in the Lutheran community, Mt Zion offers spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging to all who enter.

Saviour Assembly Of God

A space where evangelical teachings come alive, the Saviour Assembly offers a passionate and spirited community of believers.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Lcms

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Blending worship with education, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church stands as an epitome of faith, fellowship, and learning.

In Brookfield, Wisconsin, there’s a religious center to cater to every seeker’s needs. The diverse spiritual landscape of this city is a testament to its inclusive and welcoming spirit. Whether you’re a lifelong believer or just beginning your spiritual journey, Brookfield has a place for you.

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