Some Bold Jewelry Designs For The Modern Business Woman

February 4, 2022

Who is a modern business woman if you must ask? A modern business woman is one who isn’t bound by any social chains, stigmas, or prejudices. She can freely express her opinions without the fear of backlash. She could be a mother, a wife, a sister, a young entrepreneur, or a professional from any field. She has full command over her life, her actions and can fulfill her heart’s desires and purpose in life. She is an independent woman, who has absolute freedom of expression and style.

Today in this article we have outlined some bold designer jewelry for independent and fearless business women. Ones like you, who have marked their place in society and are boundless in their thinking. The designs are of premium quality and made using a variety of materials and stones. Choose according to what you wish to wear with what outfit. Here are they:

  • Jade: Jade is a hugely popular stone in china. Jade is a beautiful stone whose solid integrity and great strength made it an ideal choice for crafting tools during medieval times. Referred to as “the precious stone of grace”, Jade was considered to be a symbol of integrity, nobility, purity, loyalty, and immortality. Jade jewelry can be found in multiple configurations and colors, all of which help it achieve a bold and unique look in your overall look.

A jade ring can certainly elevate your fashion worthiness. It can be worn for both casual and official occasions too. These jade rings can be worn alone or can be combined with other jade and gold jewelry to amplify your evening look.

If you are targeting a more exquisite look then go for a jade necklace for it will surely do the trick. The strong deep color of a jade stone along with a gold chain can instantly charm up your look at any moment. Traditionally, jade was associated with a calm mind, wisdom, healing, and protection, however, nowadays there’s a belief that different colors carry a different meaning and therefore, they represent different energy. It is also believed that the different colors of jade can set the right aesthetics and may help its users show their mood and style.

  • Shungite: The beautiful carbon black color of shungite is loved by women all over the planet. There is just something about it that attracts many women to switch over to shungite jewelry. Shungite is also the only known natural source of a crystalline form of carbon called fullerenes. Also, shungite is highly resistant to harsh chemicals and is even used to purify water in certain cultures. Shungite is a durable metal, which is tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic too.

Since shungite is a deep black stone, it should be ideally worn along with a light-colored outfit. You could pair a shungite stone with sterling silver or more preferably a platinum chain for an added attractive look. If you are going for a luxurious look then try it with a gold chain but then you have to also pair it with a nice pair of earrings.

Not all shungite stones are of the same value. They are divided into grades and the carbon content in them decides their grades. The more carbon content it has, the higher the grades and higher will be its healing power. If you want an offbeat look, try pairing shungite with some diamonds. You will look gorgeous in those, but mind you a diamond-shungite necklace is not something to wear for daily purposes, it can be used for one of those luxurious parties or similar.

  • Tanzanite: Found in Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Tanzanite is also known as the gift of god stone by the local people over there. In chemistry terms, it is called calcium aluminum hydroxy silicate. It is a beautiful light blue stone with many healing properties. There is no other place in the world where you will find tanzanite. This makes it very rarer(even rarer than diamonds). So it is perfect for someone who is looking for an exclusive and showstopper look. It is rarely found in its natural blue color since after mining them they are heated to a certain degree for getting the blue color as you see in showrooms around you. It also has some healing properties like it can clear the air around you of the negative energy, it can also calm your mind and in certain cultures, it is believed to have brought people closer to their well-wishers.

Lately, people have been using tanzanite rings for engagement purposes rather than diamonds for the simple fact that tanzanite is rarer than a diamond and looks much better in hands too. So come find your next best tanzanite jewelry and go be yourself without any judgments.

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