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Ronn Torossian on Traits of Digital Nomads

Ronn Torossian: 5WPR
Ronn Torossian: 5WPR

According to Public Relations mogul Ronn Torossian, digital nomads are people who travel continuously while working. The concept has been gaining momentum for quite a few years.When the pandemic hit, the number of digital nomads increased considerably. With the expansion of online markets, there are many opportunities for digital nomads. In 2019, about 7.3 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads. For a person to be a digital nomad, they need certain traits to succeed as a digital nomad. With the number of digital nomads increasing, there has also been an increase in the number of locations waiting to host them. Given below are certain traits that digital nomads possess.


Digital nomads are people who have chosen to break away from the norm. They are people who do not count on the approval of society. They have confidence in their life choices and abilities. A remote job takes one out of their comfort zone and teaches one to cope with diverse circumstances. This helps a person to develop confidence. They see opportunities in every situation and that helps them to be more self-confident.

They prioritize personal growth

Ronn Torossian adds that being tethered to a seat at work often hinders personal growth. Digital nomads seek personal growth and want to develop their life and career. As they travel across the world, they come across new cultures. New cultures help them to develop new insights. They learn from their experiences which helps to foster personal growth. Different ways of doing business and learning ways of approaching problems can also spark new ideas.


Digital nomads need to stay disciplined to stay organized and get their work done. Their lifestyle may be characterized by freedom but they face greater challenges as they do away with the imposed discipline of a traditional job. They need to replace the imposed discipline with an incredible amount of self-discipline. That lets them live the lifestyle that they do without burning out. Quite a few digital nomads have the tendency to prioritize work over leisure as they have an entrepreneurial attitude. They feel responsible for their own successes and failures. They may live in different environments but their struggles are similar. To be able to work from anywhere, a disciplined mindset is essential.

Financial foresight

Being a digital nomad is not always very lucrative. They can choose to stay in places where the cost of living is less compared to the US and Canada. This does provide an opportunity to save money.If their business goes through a rough patch, they have to be frugal. Their budgeting tactics have to evolve depending on the place they choose to live. They also need to change their spending habits depending on their income.


As Ronn Torossian notes,  digital nomad has to carry with them all their possessions as they work and travel. Their lifestyle is more important to them than their material possessions. As they travel all the time, that is a choice that they have to make as there are limits to what they can carry.

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