Ali Toghral: Noblecanni Is Where Managing Pain Meets Activism

NobleCanni is where Managing Pain meets Activism. At NobleCanni our team wanted to offer our families help and support through effective channels.

AmourCBD is a brand that aligned with our values and vision to bringing the best we could find and offer it at an appropriate price. Pain is the topic, contribution is our approach, therapeutic relief is the gratification is what we receive from our customers and followers.

At NobleCanni, we wanted to contribute by bringing what we believe to be ethical partners and causes to raise awareness within our marketing, theres foundations and non-profits that we wish more people knew existed and brands where you could simply purchase without a second thought.

Lets cut the hassle and buying experience and bring ease to our customers and give 7% of each of their transaction to the NobleCanni Charitable fund.

Tell us about yourself?

entrepreneurship is a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor. Our success is measured by our contribution to others, somehow that was worth the risk for me.

Health, Pain and love. How could you watch friends and family struggle with pain and be a bystandard. The name of the company, the approach, the partners were on the same frequency as we were. Trials and tribulations are bound but we never let anything get the best of us.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Focus on contribution, focus on “He gets me” really tune into the human being and life dynamics. Gratification is when desires are satisfied and satiated.

What problem does your business solve?

Helping families and neighbors manage their pains with holistic solution- CBD in specific

What is the inspiration behind your business?

“service to to others is the rent you pay for your time here on earth.” – Mohamed Ali When everything else seems dire, money is numbers, numbers dont end.

How can we achieve an authentic sense of fullfillment if others dont have a joyous smile thank you for their investment. Growing up with a father who was strict about morals and ethics, I didnt necessarily do it for my father. I tried CBD and it changed y life for the best.

After repurchasing so many and seeing the buying experience and prices, i saw the oppertunity to do what my inner compass whispered to me.

Noble is a heavy word to carry around, but its not me thats noble, im a human being full of imperfection and i would say this a million times because its not about talent or work drive. Its about standing for something that excites and scares you.

I was called many thing when we started NobleCanni and promoted AmourCBD line of products. The founders of AmourCBD, John Vuchovic and Ed Donnelly, alongside my cofounder, Ahmed Ismael made it possible.

My personal life revolves around liberation, helping others feel liberation whether its physical aches, emotional turbulence, suffering within the self was something that i had battled throughout my journey and I believe that God is the at the frontier leading me.

Why not get a therapeutic, relaxing feeling more often. Pain relief first, Therapeutic sensation that are non intoxicating is an audacious goal when we started and still scares/excites us.

What is your magic sauce?

Great products. AmourCBD line of products work fantastically and although approached by other vendors, they are the magic sause and we want America to know about AmourCBD. The magic sauce of John Vuchovich makes you have faith in humanity.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We would love to help families and colleagues from Eccomerce to B2B supplier to help employees feel balanced in their workplace. To allow CBD into the workplace- Supplying enterprises to help their staff as they battle stress internally and externally.

Pressure makes diamonds, relaxation makes gold. Its a small investment ceos can make to demonstrate to staff/teams that its best for everybody to remain calm and balanced in the midst of chaos and pressure.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Advertising CBD is a challenge.

The best way we found was partnering with Indoor Sports Facilities where athletes from gymnast, basketball players, tennis, from parents to children to try samples of AmourCBD Advanced Topical Pain relief Creme to apply to their injured/ pained areas.

Challenges occurs in culture, in meeting demands but so far we have counted our blessings and took the good from all situations.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

you can follow us on noblecanni at instagram, visit our website and sign up for updates on campaigns and community service events. Contribution is the the golden key.

Send us an email of your ideas and stay tuned to read more inspirational actions that we are starting, you never know, you could find your calling at NobleCanni

Written by Mark Smith

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