Plan To Keep Your Employee Engaged With An Organization

January 17, 2023
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“Employee engagement is all about how an employee is emotionally committed to the organization and its objectives,” said Kevin Kruze. Employee engagement is frequently used when we talk about the Human resource policies of an organization or employee retention.

However, many of us do not know its exact meaning and consider employee satisfaction as its synonym. However, both are different and do not mean the same. Employee engagement means the degree of motivation and passion an employee has for the work and the desire to contribute very well to the organization and not work only for the payouts.

At the same time, employee satisfaction is one of the keys to keeping an employee engaged in work and organization.

So, give an eye to this Employee Engagement Strategies to keep your employees involved and enthusiastic about the work.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Survey to know the employee engagement

Before forming the strategies for engagement of employees and implementing them, it is necessary to know the experience of your employees right now, and then you can create the design accordingly.

Types of questions that can be asked to employees in the form of a survey are – what challenges do they regularly face at an organization, which areas of management of the organization needs improvement, or how do they rate their satisfaction at the organization from 1 to 5? Answers to such questions will help you to know the feelings of employees and about potential changes.  

Committee for engagement of employees

After the survey, a committee of highly active, participative, and good communication employees can be formed. The committee’s main objective is to know the problems faced by the employees and try to find the solutions expected from the employees’ side. This can be done by interacting with the committee members with the employees. The solutions can then be passed to the higher authorities, who can take the final call. 

Include employees through their opinions 

Employees feel honoured when asked to share their opinions in decision-making for strategy formation in the business organization. When they share their voice, they feel included in the organization, and in this way, they are kept engaged with the organization. 

Try to know your employees personally. 

When employees are giving their best to uplift the organization and achieve the organizational goals, it is good to know employees at a personal level by the higher authorities and managers. They can ask the employees about their personal life and try to know their emotional state. 

Provide growth-oriented opportunities 

Whenever possible, trust your employees and give them a chance to improve their skill sets by providing them a different work instead of doing their routine tasks. It will be a chance for them to learn something new and be a helping hand in creating their career path.

Transparency is needed 

If employees were unaware of what is happening behind the scenes, they would feel excluded and will not show their engagement and interest in the organization. When they know, they are not informed about some important decision that may affect them; they might lose their trust and interest in the organization. 

Hold employees in high esteem. 

When employees are rewarded for their extraordinary performance, they feel they are valuable to the organization’s growth. A reward can be in any form, whether a cash prize or a day off or a gift hamper. When they are rewarded, they automatically keep themselves engaged with the organization. 

Conducting training programs for cybersecurity 

Nowadays, there are many chances of fraud related to phishing and security break. Especially when it comes to e-businesses, cybersecurity awareness is necessary for managers and employees at any level.

Knowing the essentials of cybersecurity, such as using secure websites, which have SSL certificates, not entering links forwarded from unknown senders, and many other things.

SSL certificate is necessary to gain the trust of your online customers. Currently, various types of low-cost or cheap SSL certificates are available in the market. SSL cert secures the data transfer between the server and the browser.

A company can go with Apart from this information, what is more, conducting such sessions for cybersecurity that are for not only employees but also their family members can also be included. In a way, it will increase their engagement in work, as they feel connected and protected at the institution.

Assist them financially 

Engagement of employees is not possible just by providing an engaging environment or appreciating them. However, assisting them financially is also amazing and much-needed help from the organization.

Providing their loans at low interest compared to market prices or giving them paid leaves and other such benefits can be good factors behind reducing the financial stresses of the employees. Hence, employees would be more engaged with the firm if they get such relief.  

A healthy employee means a more engaged employee. 

Work-life balance is the indispensable factor behind employee satisfaction and cannot be ignored. Especially after covid, when work from home has become a more opted option. Programs for the well-being of employees and solving their mental dilemmas are must-needed activities in organizations.

They would know the care and attachment with employees, increasing employee engagement. 


According to research, non-engaging employees cost around $3,400 minimum and $10,000 maximum annually and there is a 60% chance of an error occurring in the operations. To end such non-engagement of employee’s problems in an organization, the employee mentioned above engagement strategies can be used.

Not mandatory that all the strategies would be needed or may work out. However, the ones suitable to your organizational environment can be used and implemented further in future times if we experience good results from trial and error methods.




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