The Medical Marvels of Corry, PA: A Spotlight on the City’s Leading Healthcare Institutions

July 29, 2023

1. Saint Vincent Medical Group of Corry
Categories: Family Practice Physician, Medical Clinic
A staple in the Corry healthcare landscape, the Saint Vincent Medical Group stands out as a premier family practice physician clinic.
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Categories: Medical Clinic
Offering specialized care for women in all stages of life, SVMG OBGYN is a beacon of hope and health.
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3. Corry Memorial Hospital Rural
Categories: Hospital, Medical clinic
With a strong reputation for delivering exceptional care, Corry Memorial Hospital serves as the backbone of the city’s healthcare framework.
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4. Edward Griffin, MD
Categories: Medical clinic
Dr. Edward Griffin is renowned in the community for his medical expertise and dedication to patient care.

5. Corry Area Free Clinic
Categories: Medical Clinic
Offering care to those in need, Corry Area Free Clinic stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to health and well-being.
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6. Groves Family Personal Care Home
Categories: Medical clinic, Facility, Center, Convalescent Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care Homes, Nursing & Convalescent Homes, Nursing & Personal Care Facilities
A multifaceted care facility, Groves Family Personal Care Home offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure residents feel right at home.

7. Mariano D Loveranes MD
Categories: Surgeon, Doctors, Pediatricians, Health Services, Local Business, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors
Dr. Loveranes’ wide range of specialties showcases his versatility and commitment to offering holistic healthcare services.

8. Community Eye Care Specialists
Categories: Ophthalmologist, Physicians, Surgeons, Pediatric Physicians, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Ophthalmologists
As visionaries in eye care, Community Eye Care Specialists provide expert care with a focus on patient well-being.
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9. Masters Physical Therapy
Categories: Physical Therapist, Sports, Therapist, Physical Therapy, Sport Medicine Physical Therapists
Where physical well-being meets expert care, Masters Physical Therapy stands out as a top destination for rehabilitative services.

10. Healthy Smiles Of Corry
Categories: Medical Service, Dentist, General Dentist, Medical Services
Ensuring bright smiles and robust oral health, Healthy Smiles Of Corry is the go-to dental clinic in the area.
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11. Albright Peter – Medical Group Of Corry
Categories: Surgeons, Physicians, Medical Group, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, and more.
With a diverse group of medical specialists, Albright Peter’s Medical Group stands as a pillar of comprehensive healthcare services in Corry.
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12. Streilein Karl e
Categories: Physicians, Optometry Physician, Doctors
Dr. Streilein stands out with his expertise in optometry, ensuring clear vision and optimal eye health for all his patients.

13. Jason Edwards
Categories: Physician Assistant, Doctors
Known for his meticulous care and approach, Jason Edwards is a trusted name in the Corry medical scene.

14. Usha Mohandas MD
Categories: Health Services, Internist, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors
Dr. Usha Mohandas specializes in internal medicine, offering a deep understanding and tailored care for adult patients.

15. Medicor Associates Incorporated
Categories: Physicians, Surgeons, Pediatric Physicians, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiology Physicians, Family & General Practice Physicians
At Medicor Associates, a team of dedicated physicians come together to offer top-notch care spanning multiple specialties.
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Corry, PA stands out not just for its rich history and vibrant community but also for its commitment to offering the best in medical care. These highlighted institutions are just a glimpse into the city’s thriving healthcare ecosystem.

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