MBA Programs Where Grads Earn The Most In Consulting

October 25, 2022
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Getting an MBA is one of the top priorities for several professionals looking to be consultants. A common reason for this career choice is the considerable paycheck it comes with and job flexibility. According to statistics from U.S. News Data, the average salary for a grad rose by 6 percent in 2017. These MBA consulting programs have become sought after, seeing the average salary hanging around $139,000.

Many people have carried out research on which schools offer the best MBA consulting programs. It has even become part of career talks, where it is given as an essay for college assignments. Moreover, students in different professional courses now consider this part, although the books and projects are complicated. Hence, most scholars now buy college essay samples to assist them. This boosts their chances of getting admitted to the best colleges for consulting.


This post will focus on the best MBA consulting schools, which have produced top graduates with the best pay. While this post reveals the leading institutions, remember that they are highly competitive, and your essays must be in top shape if you must meet the PassMark.

Kellogg School of Management: Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management is the first of the top MBA schools for consulting. Its emphasis on executive handling and teamwork has helped to shape its students of consulting. The school’s graduates are top-rated and hunted by significant firms across the country.

As a college that encourages equality, the class has an equal share of women. According to statistics, the base salary for a grad from this school is above $150,000. The signing bonus goes as high as $70,000.

Tuck School of Business: Dartmouth

One of the best qualities we love about this school is its leadership teachings. Currently, Tuck is the oldest business school for graduates in the United States. Its class size is smaller than usual and accepts only 250 applications per session. Because of its small number, the alumni are firmly wound that they assist each other.

According to reports for 2019, the average pay for a grad from Tuck was above $152,000. Signing bonuses also go as high as $30,000. Furthermore, 38% of its total class delved into consulting for the 2019 teaching year.

Harvard Business School

We understand some people have reservations about seeing HBS at the number three spot instead of first. This college, commonly called the Harvard Leadership School, has been molding its graduates for top positions at various consulting firms.

One of its crucial features is how it teaches students the art of influencing. Besides, all their students are required to teach each other, which has made their alumni as strong as ever. The requirements for entry are similar to those needed for admission to MBA schools in the U.K. The median salary for a consulting grad from HBS stood at $165,000, and the signing bonus was $30,000.

If you’re looking to land a top position, Harvard Leadership school has one of the best MBA consulting programs in the United States.

Columbia Business School

Columbia is one of the best schools for relationships and finance. But what makes it one of the leading colleges for consulting? The simple reply is that because the course and books are for finance, its graduates come out with solid qualitative experience, which is a vital skill to have as a consultant.

In addition, the Columbia Business School has a different course, the Program on Social Intelligence (PSI), that teaches its students how to manage emotional matters with utmost care. This crucial feature makes this college stand out among the other schools on this list.

Because of its unique programs, its graduates are sought after at top consulting and management firms, including investment banking. Accordingly, the median salary for a Columbia Business School graduate stands at $150,000, with the signing incentives at $30,000.

Sloan School of Management: MIT

MIT Sloan is the next name on our list. This college is in Cambridge, just a few miles from Harvard. Like the other colleges, Sloan has built a reputation that has given its graduates international recognition.

Due to its small size, the school lays emphasis on teamwork. Scholars study in groups of five or six, with only elective courses available. There are also extracurricular activities on campus that help their students bond together. Its consulting graduates get an average annual salary of $153,227, with the median signing bonus at $28,278.


There are many other top MBA schools for consulting in the U.S. However, we have concentrated on the institutions that provide the most value, with their graduates receiving juicy paychecks. Out of the entire list, the Kellogg School of Management holds the best offer for students of consulting. While others branch into disciplines, with consulting as an addition, Kellogg brings the entire focus of management and consulting into full view.

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