Invisibly launches data control platform that lets people license and monetize personal data

June 14, 2021

Today, Invisibly announces the beta release launch of their new data platform which enables people to take back control of their personal data and make money from it. This is a huge step towards increased data privacy and data control by enabling people to voluntarily share data that can be licensed and used for advertising purposes, and have a direct choice in what data they want to share. Invisibly CEO Jim McKelvey (Co-founder of Square) sees the launch as a crucial step at a pivotal time, where data privacy and control are at the forefront of people’s attention. 

 Dr. Don Vaughn Ph.D., Head of Product at Invisibly says, “it’s time we enable people to take back control of their data. By creating a platform that lets people make money from their data, we’re not only educating people on how valuable their data is, we’re telling big tech it’s time to change the way things are done, and time to start fairly compensating people for the data they regularly profit from.”

The advertising industry and large tech companies that collect massive amounts of data on people have long profited from people’s personal data, without directly letting people know exactly what data they have on them or what data is being shared about them. With Invisibly’s new platform, people will be able to opt in and choose exactly which data of theirs is shared, and license this data for advertisers to use, while making a profit from it. Invisibly hopes to reshape data collection to a 100% consumer-consented data model that people can fully approve of, and provide a needed passive income stream for many people.

Vaughs says, “right now people can make a few dollars a month from sharing their data on our platform, but within the next couple of years, we hope that people will be able to earn around $1,000 per year from Invisibly. We believe that data licensing will be a powerful new source of passive income for people and are excited to help the industry change to a 100% consumer-consented data model that people are fairly compensated for.”

In this early beta release, the Invisibly platform lets you earn points for different ways of linking or sharing data, which can then be exchanged for money, paid to you directly. When you link your data, you’ll also get curated offers for you, based on your interests, that can allow you to make more money. You can sign up now at

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