How To Build an Effective Rental Listing

November 4, 2022
How To Build an Effective Rental Listing

Quality marketing is the best way to fill a rental unit quickly, and a good listing can help you do just that. Instead of just giving the address and the price, there are other ways to form a better ad and gain more traction. Read on to discover how to build an effective rental listing.

Know the Headline Formula

Because the headline will be the first thing a prospective tenant notices, it must be jam-packed with the right information. This part of the listing is also the best way for tenants to tell whether your property meets their needs, so the headline must be clear and concise. Here is the general formula for a good headline:

  • Price, number of bedrooms/number of bathrooms [type of rental] in (neighborhood) with (best feature).
  • For example: $1,800 per month, 2 Bed/1 Bath apartment in Daytona Beach with great ocean view and beach access.

Once you have a clickable headline, then you can focus on the rest.

Write a Quality Description

Including a detailed description on your listing is one of the most effective ways to market your rental property because it tells tenants everything they need to know. When writing a description for your property, you should start with its best feature and add one or two descriptor words, such as lively, cozy, or modern. Then, you want to include the property’s basic features and crucial aspects.

You should also write about the neighborhood, what there is to do, what’s close by, and any other exciting details about the property or the area surrounding it. Lastly, cap off the description with information such as the rent amount, security deposit, pet policy, utilities, any application fees, and contact information.

Include Photos

To really sell your property, most websites will give you a spot to embed a slideshow of property photos. Without pictures, tenants are much more likely to skip to the next listing. Ideally, these pictures will be well-lit, clean, and professional. While you want to emphasize the most important rooms, you should take pictures of every room, even the closets. The more information a prospective tenant has, the less likely they are to worry about disliking the homes or working with dishonest property managers.

Knowing how to build an effective rental listing is the best way to reach potential tenants, and writing one is incredibly easy. Just remember that your description should be honest, thorough, and professional.

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