How Gambling Games Relate To Critical Thinking Skills Among Business-Minded People

February 16, 2023
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It should come as little surprise that the world of gambling and casinos is extremely popular with business-minded people. In essence, many gambling games rely on being able to understand likelihoods and probabilities whilst making judgements based on what actions have taken place to this point and what is still to come. Games such as roulette or bingo require little more than luck to determine the winner, and because of this, these types of games are not favoured by the business community. Popular games amongst business people are card games, such as poker or blackjack, to name two. These types of games rely on a thorough understanding of probabilities, which can help to determine the relative value of the cards that are held. Balancing risk and reward whilst keeping solid judgement is a prime way to improve your chances in such games. In this article, some critical thinking skills will be explored in detail, along with how these business applicable skills can transfer to the world of casinos and gambling. 

Assessing Risk Using Inference 

Inference is a vital skill in business. Business professionals and senior managers will often be tasked with making realistic and objective conclusions based on the information that they have access to. Often, this information is incomplete, but by using logic and reasoning, a solution can be reached that allows informed decisions to be made in the business world. This type of advanced critical thinking skill is also extremely beneficial in some forms of gambling. For example, when playing poker, the gamblers will see all five community cards that are laid down on the table. At first, three will be displayed, and by comparing these with your two cards in hand, you will have a first indication of the overall strength of your hand. If by the fourth card (or the “turn” card) a suitably strong hand cannot be made, inference can be used to assess the risk of playing on (or bluffing) based on the cards that are shown. Conversely, with a strong hand, every turn will allow the player to use inference to determine the likelihood of other gamblers beating their hand. As more cards are shown, a clearer picture of the relative strength of the hand can be determined. In short, games such as poker require a high degree of inference to improve winning chances, and by weighing risk and probabilities, strong play can be achieved. 


In today’s modern online casinos, the experience is similar to that of traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. This is partly achieved by the use of live dealer games, such as can be found at live dealer slotslv. As the name suggests, live dealer games incorporate a human dealer who runs the games. This creates an incredibly realistic and authentic gambling experience. Live dealer games will often show the other players who are at the (virtual) table, using high-definition web cameras on their smart devices. With the benefit of this technology and authenticity, gamblers can use the same types of observational skills that they would leverage in a physical casino to improve their chances of success. By looking at the other players’ reactions and body language as they gamble online, an experienced gambler can have a good indication that they have a strong hand or are bluffing. Observation skills are vital in business when it comes to dealing with clients or managing teams, as it allows a range of nonverbal signals to be picked up and understood. These same types of critical thinking attributes can be applied to gambling to allow a greater understanding of the competition at the tables and intelligent assumptions to be made about their play styles. 

Rapid Decision Making

Rapid decision-making is another critical thinking skill that is beneficial in both the business world and for casinos. In the business sector, staff will often be required to make quick but highly rational decisions based on the information they have acquired. A similar situation is present in many casino games. The pace of card games, such as poker and blackjack, can be extremely quick, especially if you are at a table which has experienced players. Because of this, there is the requirement to make rapid decisions from play to play and use logic and rationality to back up these assumptions. Inexperienced players can often make rash decisions when thinking quickly and may be less competitive because of this. However, a business person with highly developed decision-making skills can apply this trait to the various games to ensure that they use sound and informed judgements in their gambling plays.

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