Fitness Innovators in Boston: Redefining Health and Wellness

June 13, 2023


Boston, Massachusetts, is not only renowned for its rich history and prestigious universities but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. In the realm of fitness, the city is home to a diverse array of innovative companies that are reshaping the industry. From telemedical weight loss to adaptive hardware solutions, these fitness startups are pushing boundaries and empowering individuals to live healthier lives.


Website: ianacare

ianacare is a health care company focused on supporting and empowering family caregivers. By providing resources and tools, ianacare helps caregivers navigate their role effectively and maintain their own well-being.

Form Health

Website: Form Health

Form Health tackles the issue of obesity through telemedicine. Their platform connects individuals with healthcare professionals who specialize in weight loss. By offering personalized plans and ongoing support, Form Health helps people achieve sustainable weight loss.

Beam Organics

Website: Beam Organics

Beam Organics is a wellness brand that specializes in CBD products. Their innovative line of CBD offerings is designed to promote overall well-being, recovery, and relaxation.

Impact Biosystems

Website: Impact Biosystems

Impact Biosystems develops adaptive hardware and software solutions for individuals in the health and fitness space. Their innovative products enhance training, performance, and rehabilitation, helping people reach their full potential.

BRIO Systems

Website: BRIO Systems

BRIO Systems provides a comprehensive COVID-19 testing system, enabling employers to prioritize safety and keep businesses on track. Their testing solutions help organizations navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic.

AURA Devices

Website: AURA Devices

AURA Devices leverages bioimpedance technology to create smart wearables for athletes. Their devices provide valuable insights into athletes’ performance, helping them optimize their training and achieve their goals.


Website: AVA

AVA is a data-driven nutritional coaching solution that offers personalized recommendations based on an individual’s unique needs and goals. By analyzing data, AVA helps users make informed decisions about their nutrition.

LifePod Solutions

Website: LifePod Solutions

LifePod Solutions offers proactive voice and connected services to support individuals with chronic health conditions. Their technology enhances independence and provides peace of mind to both individuals and their caregivers.


Website: Triib

Triib is an all-in-one gym management platform that fosters a sense of community among fitness enthusiasts. Their comprehensive suite of tools simplifies administrative tasks, allowing gym owners to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their members.


Website: IRON

IRON is a mobile application designed for weightlifters to track their performance in the gym. With features such as workout logging and progress tracking, IRON helps users monitor their progress and stay motivated.

Hologram Sciences

Website: Hologram Sciences

Hologram Sciences combines advanced diagnostics with AI-driven digital experiences to develop and deliver new brands to the market. By integrating technology into health and wellness, they offer unique solutions to enhance personal well-being.


Website: Affect

Affect aims to accelerate the innovations needed to provide every single person in the world with high-quality mental healthcare. By leveraging technology and data-driven approaches, Affect is transforming the landscape of mental health treatment.


Website: Viv

Viv is a web shop that manufactures and supplies eco-friendly menstrual products for women. With a focus on sustainability and user comfort, Viv’s products contribute to a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Book Doctors ™

Website: Book Doctors

Book Doctors offers a range of technological solutions, including SaaS, Blockchain, NFT, EMR, Web App, and Mobile App services. By integrating technology into the healthcare industry, Book Doctors is revolutionizing the way medical professionals and patients interact.


Website: SomnApp

SomnApp is a wellness and fitness services company dedicated to improving sleep quality and overall well-being. Through their innovative solutions, SomnApp helps individuals achieve better rest and optimal performance in their daily lives.


These 15 fitness companies in Boston, Massachusetts, are driving innovation and transforming the way we approach health and wellness. From supporting caregivers to revolutionizing weight loss and developing cutting-edge wearables, these startups are making a significant impact on people’s lives. With their dedication to improving well-being, Boston’s fitness innovators are paving the way for a healthier future.

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