Felton’s Finest: The Building Pioneers of Felton, DE

July 27, 2023


  • Website: delaware.building-us.org
  • Categories: From general contracting to mobile home services and fence-related operations, ABC INC is the one-stop solution for a diverse range of construction needs.

2. Carl A Deputy & Son

  • Website: www.deputybuilders.com
  • Categories: This is the hub for metal building projects, outdoor enclosures, and custom home developments. Their prominence in real estate is also notable.

3. Debs Domestics

  • Categories: Debs Domestics, a local business, stands out for its comprehensive construction and remodeling services. Their inclusion of cleaning contractors gives them a unique edge in the construction business.

4. Peninsula Construction Service

  • Categories: As operative builders, they cater to a range of construction needs, especially focusing on single-family housing projects.

5. Ro El Builders

  • Website: ro-ei-builders.placestars.com
  • Categories: Their expertise lies predominantly in building construction, offering their clientele comprehensive services for diverse construction demands.

6. Leroy Betts Construction Inc

  • Categories: Beyond the traditional construction realm, Leroy Betts brings expertise in excavation, design consulting, and engineering projects.

7. Gerardi Construction Inc.

8. Diamond State Pole Buildings

  • Website: www.diamondstatepole.com
  • Categories: A recognized name for home improvements and business services in the construction realm.

9. C & M Custom Homes

  • Website: www.cmcustomhomes.com
  • Categories: This entity shines as a premier custom home builder and a trusted name in the real estate sector.

10. Weaver’s Construction, Inc.

  • Website: www.weavermetalroofing.com
  • Description: For over two decades, Weaver’s Construction has specialized in metal roofing, catering to both commercial and residential needs. Their commitment to quality and expertise sets them apart.
  • Categories: From roofing supply to siding contractors, Weaver’s Construction offers a wide range of services.

11. Payworth Construction

  • Categories: Their prowess in general contracting, home improvement, and remodeling speaks for their versatile construction portfolio.

12. Wooden Plane Construction

  • Categories: As a dedicated construction company, Wooden Plane brings quality and innovation to every project.

13. Rays and Sons

  • Website: www.raysandsons.com
  • Categories: A multi-dimensional enterprise with a focus on plumbing, HVAC, construction, and much more. They’re particularly renowned for their custom plumbing and heating solutions.

14. Eagle Electric Incorporated

  • Categories: Electrical solutions are their forte, be it residential construction or remodeling. Their team of skilled electricians ensures top-notch service.

15. Housemaster Home Inspection Service

  • Website: housemaster.com
  • Categories: Before sealing the deal in real estate, trust Housemaster for comprehensive home and building inspection services.

Felton, DE has always been an epicenter of construction innovations. The companies listed above embody the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication that this town holds. With each firm bringing its own unique spin to the construction industry, Felton continues to shine on the construction map.

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