How To Write A Persuasive Business Proposal

November 14, 2021
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Every business and company is constantly trying to make the best possible impression on its financial supporters, be it a bank or an investor. A mere presentation of ideas may not be enough; the proposal must also convince all parties that there is a good reason for spending time and money on such an endeavor, and that said investment will be well worth it.

A persuasive business proposal can sometimes make or break a company, for it is often the first impression that investors and banks get of what you are trying to accomplish (and why). It can also help to bring in partners who may provide auxiliary support for your project.

However, mastering how to write a business proposal requires time, effort, and a good understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. Details are important, as are facts that will help back up your claims. Even if you already have a template for business proposal, it never hurts to go over the proposal again to make sure there are no holes in your argument or mistakes in logic.


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Set Up Goals and Objectives

Before beginning work on putting together the proposal, it is a good idea to have a clear objective in mind. What is a business proposal you’ve written seeking? Do you simply want more money, or would you like to be able to expand the company’s operations and open up new avenues for success?

After that, it’s time to write down the goal of your project. Is it simply to show that you have an idea in mind and want the money to make it happen? Or are you looking for potential partners who will share some of the risk or reward? Do you need help in getting funding? What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this proposal?

The most important detail, however, might also be your main selling point: why is your company the one to do it? Have you done something similar already, or are you starting up something new? Perhaps you have a different perspective on things that will allow the company to be more successful than its competitors.

Once you know what it is that you want and why your business is the best choice for doing so, you can begin putting together a proposal.

A Proposal, Not Aid Assistance

As you write the goals and objectives, remember that you are not asking for anything from anyone. You have business proposal ideas and the capability of making them happen; all you need is a little bit of help to bring it into reality. Take your time with this proposal, but also be confident in what you have to share – after all, if they think it’s worth their time, no one will be able to say no.

Have a Proper Introduction

Next, you will need to include a proper introduction, which is usually written on a cover letter. Before going into the details of your project, there are a few things that must be made clear: who exactly is involved in this project and what they do; why a business is making this appeal for help instead of a private individual or an independent group; how much money is involved; and what will happen if the money is not given. Include a proper conclusion at the end of this section, restating your goal and hinting at what it may bring to both you and everyone else involved.

If you need help in making a cover letter or a business proposal template, you can check out Venngage.

Source: Venngage

Include The Details

Now is the time for details. Each aspect of your proposal can draw in investors or partners, but it needs to be broken down into numbers or facts that can be easily understood. You will also need to include a proper budget for the project, complete with how much it will cost and where each portion of the money is going to be used.

Make sure to include any auxiliary help that may be brought in by other sources; if you already have employees who may work on parts of the project, try to include a short bio of each and their credentials. This section should also go over any risks that might occur during your endeavor.

Concluding The Proposal

Include a proper conclusion, restating your main goal from earlier and how it will benefit everyone involved if achieved. State what exactly you want from this proposal and why it is your best choice. Include any small print that must be understood before work begins, such as deadlines or required expenditures.

It is important to remember what you are trying to do in the proposal and what exactly it is that you want. After all, this is your chance to sell yourself and your idea; make sure not to neglect anything for it to be the best it can be.


Even if you have years of experience under your belt, sometimes writing a business proposal can still be hard. Luckily those are steps that anyone can follow when they sit down at their desk or computer: just keep these three tips in mind!


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