Exploring Maryland’s Pioneering US-Based Advice Industry Startups

January 3, 2024

As a flourishing hub of innovation and creativity, Maryland has seen the rise of several promising startups since 2020. These businesses, operating primarily in the Advice industry, offer tailored solutions to various challenges faced by individuals and corporations. This article delves into some of these startups, their backgrounds, and the unique services they offer.

From financial and business consulting to risk management and personal development coaching, these businesses have broadened the scope of the advice industry, providing clients with specialized assistance for a wide range of needs. They all share a common goal: to guide clients to make better-informed decisions and achieve their desired results.

Inspired by innovative thinking and driven by the quest for excellence, these young businesses have shown remarkable potential in their short existence. Here’s a closer look at the incredibly diverse startups that are redefining the advice industry in Maryland.

South River Mortgage

Based in Annapolis, South River Mortgage offers a range of financial services and consulting advice to its clients. The company expertly navigates the often complex world of finance, delivering effective solutions to its clientele.

Advice Alliance

Located in Columbia, Advice Alliance offers a wide range of financial services, including credit reconstruction, business formation, and consulting. The company is known for providing innovative solutions and a supportive atmosphere for its clients, helping them to achieve their financial goals.


ICANIVEST is a startup that provides advisory services to separately managed accounts with the goal of achieving capital appreciation while managing risk. Based in Annapolis, the company specializes in offering advice in the cannabis industry and risk management.

Boggs & Company Wealth Management

Located in Cumberland, Boggs & Company Wealth Management offers sophisticated wealth management strategies and personalized financial guidance. The company provides services like retirement planning, insurance, estate planning strategies, and more.


Founded by Melissa Mason, Baltimore-based MAPPMTECH operates in the information technology and management consulting sector. This startup provides specialized advice, proving to be an indispensable tool for organizations looking to streamline their operations and stay ahead in the technology-driven market.

Ballast Realty Services

In Annapolis, Ballast Realty Services provides unique advisory services for healthcare providers, offering a broad range of expertise including public accounting, real estate advising, development, and representation. The firm’s comprehensive knowledge allows healthcare providers to streamline their real estate decisions.

Total Family Management

Based in Towson, Total Family Management aims to make a positive impact on whole families through its expert-led, virtual workshop services. It provides individuals and households with guidance that reduces burnout and reinforces connections, values, and goals.

Gate One Group

The Annapolis-based startup, Gate One Group operates in the financial services and consulting industry. Despite being a relatively new addition to the market, the company has already proven its capabilities in offering specialized consulting services and robust financial advice.

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