Exploring LA’s Pioneering Wellness Startups Reshaping America’s Health Industry

January 28, 2024

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is also a hotspot for innovative startups teeming with creativity and resilience in the face of a changing world. In the wellness industry, businesses born in or after 2020 are transforming the way we relate to our health, wellbeing, and daily fitness routines. These startups innovate within a myriad of sectors, offering cutting-edge products and services to enhance the state of wellness globally.

From environmental sustainability to fitness and mental health, the versatile wellness industry accommodates different ways of defining and manifesting health in everyday life. Furthermore, the Los Angeles wellness scene demonstrates a balance between incorporating modern technology and appealing to natural, holistic approaches—cementing the city as a hub for wellness innovation.

Let’s delve into some of the dynamic LA-based startups in the wellness space that are maximizing the potential of the industry, pushing boundaries, and fashioning new horizons.


Formed in 2020 and founded by Trent Ward, FORME is an intuitive home fitness system that revolutionizes strength workouts with its sleek design and advanced technology. The smart home gym offers a perfect fusion of fitness and health care, interpreting the future of wellness.


Kabata mixes their B2B and B2C services with advanced technology, forming the world’s first AI-powered haptic dumbbells that analyze and understand your fitness metrics for increasingly efficient workouts. It’s like having a personal fitness instructor right in your home.

Stryke Club

Breaking gender norms in terms of beauty, Stryke Club offers dermatologist-formulated skincare products designed for boys. Founded by four women, the brand aims to build confidence and foster good grooming habits in young men.

Pique Action

Pique Action melds environmental consulting, sustainability and wellness into a unique offering, creating a blueprint for conscientious businesses in the future.


Founded by Jeremy Rusnak and Joe Perez, Day-J is a comprehensive health and wellness platform that offers users one-on-one coaching with licensed nutritionists, trainers, and mindset coaches.

Future State Brands

With Drake Sutton-Shearer as one of its founders, Future State Brands spans art, beauty, cryptocurrency, and wellness, creating a diverse portfolio built for the modern age.


ARENA, created by Krisna Bhargava and Zachary Rubin, is a unique and innovative wellness startup contributing to the fitness sector in Los Angeles.

LIT Method

Founders Justin and Taylor Norris created LIT Method to provide a low-impact training regimen that reduces the risk of injuries while keeping workouts effective and enjoyable.


Founded by Olivia Bowser, Liberate is a mental fitness studio providing a safe space for people to proactively work on their mental wellbeing through a combination of movement, journaling, conversation, and meditation.

Yoga Ed.

Devised by Brynne Caleda and Julia Bond, Yoga Ed. offers an educational platform that supports the health and wellness of school communities worldwide with proven resources to boost mental and physical wellbeing.

True Healers

True Healers provides a portfolio of holistic healing modalities, including massage therapy, yoga, reiki, mental health coaching, meditation, and more, which are masterfully tailored to individual needs and lifestyle preferences.

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