Engineering Excellence in Farmington: A Closer Look at the Innovators

August 17, 2023

In the thriving community of Farmington, New Mexico, a diverse group of engineering companies are making significant strides in various fields. From electrical and civil engineering to innovative energy solutions and corrosion control, these companies exemplify innovation, expertise, and quality service. In this feature, we will delve into the unique profiles of some of these engineering pioneers.

Automation Consulting Engineering (ACES)

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Specializing in various aspects of engineering, ACES provides comprehensive consulting services. Their expertise ranges from electrical engineering to consulting services, making them a go-to firm for intricate and extensive projects.

Engineered Concepts

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As a leading engineering service and gas company, Engineered Concepts is dedicated to delivering high-quality and efficient solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Safety-Kleen Systems

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Safety-Kleen Systems stands as a notable civil engineering firm, committed to maintaining safety and environmental standards while executing complex projects.


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As an industry-leading provider of electric motor, generator, and rotating equipment repair services in the United States, Sulzer exemplifies innovation and reliability.

Aces Automation Inc.

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From access control systems to automation upgrades, Aces Automation Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of services that includes electrical, controls, CAD design, and project management.

Sakura Engineering

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Sakura Engineering operates at the intersection of structural engineering, accounting, research, and management services, offering a diverse and comprehensive service portfolio.

Bc Services

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As a professional engineering firm, Bc Services is committed to offering meticulous and dedicated engineering solutions.

Lunar Corrosion Control, LLC

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With 27 years of industry experience, Lunar Corrosion Control specializes in cathodic protection systems, ensuring the longevity of underground metallic products.

Engineering & Production Services

This firm stands as a pillar of engineering excellence, dedicated to providing high-quality engineering solutions for a range of clients.

Bayless Drilling Co

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From petroleum engineering to professional services, Bayless Drilling Co delivers top-tier solutions that are grounded in science and technology.


Fracmaster has earned its place in the engineering world by consistently delivering high-quality engineering services that meet the evolving needs of its clients.


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Amec provides a broad spectrum of services, from construction to consulting and geotechnical engineering, highlighting their multifaceted approach to client projects.

Diamond Derrick Engineering

As an engineering consultant firm, Diamond Derrick Engineering offers highly specialized advice and solutions to clients, ensuring projects are executed with precision.

Elder Engineering

With a focus on technology and science, Elder Engineering combines consulting services with top-notch engineering expertise.

SGC Engineering LLC

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As an engineering consultant, SGC Engineering LLC prides itself on offering client-focused solutions that are both innovative and practical.


Farmington, New Mexico, is not just a hub for engineers—it is a nexus for innovation, growth, and exceptional service. The engineering companies highlighted in this article represent a mere fraction of the remarkable work being carried out in this vibrant community. With each project they undertake, these companies continue to elevate the standards of the engineering industry, not only in Farmington but across the nation.

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