Emerging San Francisco-Based Music Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 28, 2024

San Francisco, globally recognized as the leading hub of innovation, is a breeding ground for startups, particularly those in the music industry. Equipped with the technological prowess of Silicon Valley and a thriving artist community, San Francisco has witnessed a surge of new companies. These music startups, founded in 2020 or later, have brought cutting-edge solutions to age-old problems for artists, listeners, and the industry. Here’s a glimpse into some revolutionary music startups based in this tech-savvy city.

These startups are not only reshaping the music industry but also paving the way for next-gen artists and audiences. Offering a variety of services from live streaming platforms, music sharing applications, social media video sharing, and advanced AI technology, they’ve got everything covered. Moreover, these firms are also incorporating blockchain and machine learning into music, a convergence that promises to revolutionize this space.

Let’s dive into these promising startups and explore how they are altering music’s landscape through innovation, creativity, and technology.


Founded by Jessica Powell and Luke Miner, Audioshake employs Artificial Intelligence to enable music enthusiasts to explore audio content in novel ways. Their patented technology is hailed industry-wide and is in use by several giants in the industry.


Created by Charles Ju and Gordon Su, Sessions is a live video streaming platform that seamlessly connects musicians with global audiences.


Rythm, a recent entrant to the music industry, adds value by providing innovative solutions in the music space.

Wolf – Band Radio

Famous for helping users discover new music through Friend Radio, Wolf – Band Radio was founded by music enthusiasts Anson Tsai, Luxiou Chen, and Sachin Rekhi.

Hey Mr. Dj

Hey Mr. Dj, a startup in the Apps, Digital Entertainment, Media and Entertainment, Music space, provides a unique value to its users.

Reapers Studios

Established by Lê Gia Huy, Reapers Studios is an exciting Vietnamese entertainment company managing the idol group Reapers Team.

Anthems Media

Founded by Jack Diserens and Naveen Sridhar, Anthems Media enables users to share their favorite music and showcase their taste in music via their app.


Founded by Steven Lee, LipMemo allows users to create, upload, and interact with short videos on a wide array of topics, right from their mobile devices.


David Greenstein led Sound aims to establish a connection between artists and listeners, allowing them to take shared ownership over the culture they create.

Arpeggi Labs

Arpeggi Labs is developing an online music creation tool that lets musicians compose songs as fully on-chain NFTs, leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Tokn Music

Founded by Justin Hsieh and Luke Gustafson, Tokn Music bridges the gap between artists and fans through a peer-to-peer investment marketplace and launchpad.

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