Emerging Houston-Based Financial Service Startups Revolutionizing US Economy

January 30, 2024

In the wake of COVID-19, US Startups have been playing a critical role in redefining the financial services industry. Houston, Texas, a hub for finance in the US, has seen the rise of multiple innovative startups set on revolutionizing the space. These emerging businesses, founded in 2020 or later, bring fresh insights to this sector. This article will spotlight some Houston-based startups making waves in the financial services sector.

These startups are utilizing new technologies and challenging traditional models of banking, asset management, insurance, and more. By leveraging the power of data and digital tools, they are offering cutting-edge services designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. The spotlighted startups in this series span a variety of sectors including consulting, banking, venture capital, credit, and more.

Each startup highlighted in this series has the potential to shape the future of the financial services industry. Let’s take a closer look at each of these innovative new businesses and learn more about their founders, services, and impacts on the industry.

Tidal Finance

Founded by Chad Liu, Tidal Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) insurance platform and marketplace offering attractive APYs. This platform allows users to secure their investments and earn higher returns. You can connect with them on their Linkedin page.

Iconic Financial

Iconic Financial, overseen by founder Paul Stephens, is a financial institution affiliation platform. Its services include activities related to banking, loans, and deposits, subject to necessary regulatory approvals. Follow their journey on Linkedin.

Olympia North

Olympia North specializes in consulting and venture capital within the financial services industry. They can be found on Linkedin.

Fidelis Infrastructure

Established by founders Bengt Jarlsjo and Daniel J. Shapiro, Fidelis Infrastructure operates in the energy and finance sectors. You can learn more about them from their Linkedin page.

Wincoram Asset Management

Offering asset management and consulting services, Wincoram Asset Management is another Houston-based establishment making waves in the financial sector. You can reach them on their Linkedin or Facebook page.

Gulf Capital Bank

Gulf Capital Bank, a Houston-based Novo bank, offers banking and financial services. Get to know them better on their Linkedin page.

Armadillo Litigation Funding

Armadillo Litigation Funding, which was founded by Nick H. Johnson, offers finance options to law firms taking part in various litigations. You can read more about them on their Linkedin page.

Peak Financing

PEAK Financing offers finance solutions for multifamily and other commercial real estate properties. You can reach out to them via their Facebook or Linkedin page.

Yule Capital Group

Operating in Credit, Financial Services, Insurance, and Lending sectors, Yule Capital Group can be contacted through their Linkedin or Facebook page.

The Tax Queens

The Tax Queens offers services related to Accounting, Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Professional Services. Connect with them through their Facebook page.

Saddle Capital

Striving to make a mark in the financial sector is Saddle Capital, a private investment fund primarily focusing on the lower-middle-market.

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