Exploring Washington’s Pioneering US-Based Aerospace Startup Innovations

January 3, 2024

As part of a series showcasing US startups, today we focus on businesses that took flight in 2020 or later within the Aerospace industry and are headquartered in Washington. Aerospace technology has been continuously expanding and becoming more innovative, especially in the last couple of years. These Washington-based startups are turning heads with their groundbreaking inventions and developments, contributing significantly to the growth and progress of the industry.

These startups are part of a new wave of firms that use unique, cutting-edge technologies to develop advanced tools and equipment. From aviation and analytics to hypersonic aircraft and aerospace components, these businesses represent a new frontier in aerospace technology.

Let us dive deeper into their operations, defining characteristics, and the future potential they hold for the aerospace industry.

Stecker Aviation

Located in Spokane, Stecker Aviation is a company with services in Aerospace, Customer Service, and Training. They have successfully managed to build a reputable position in the market due to their top-notch service and dedication to their craft. You can learn more about them on Linkedin.

Aerial Vantage

Aerial Vantage, headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia, operates in the Aerospace industry, serving areas including Analytics, Drones, Geospatial, Intelligent Systems, and Software. Under the leadership of Chris Brinton, this startup is focused on utilizing software and analytics for unmanned aviation. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

New Frontier Aerospace

With its headquarters in Tukwila, New Frontier Aerospace, led by Bill Bruner, aims to transform the Aerospace industry with hypersonic aircraft designed to get passengers and cargo anywhere on Earth in 2 hours or less. You can follow their innovative journey on their LinkedIn page and Twitter.


Gravitics, reside in Seattle, is an innovative Aerospace company dealing with Manufacturing and Space Travel. Led by founder Colin Doughan, they design and manufacture large space structures for human life in space. Follow their revolutionary moves on Linkedin and Twitter.


Operating from Lake Forest Park, PortaPilot deals with the provision of Aerospace and Electronics devices and components. They are known for their wide range of quality aircraft, power requirements, yoke extensions, and GPS devices. Learn more about them and their offers on LinkedIn.

Overview Energy

Overview Energy, based in Washington, District of Columbia, operates in the Aerospace industry. Their focus is on the development and design of Hardware and Satellite Communication devices. More about their operations can be found on LinkedIn.


In Seattle, we have Radical, a company offering continuous, year-round, direct-to-handset LTE or 5G to over 90% of the world’s population. Radical are developing high altitude solar aircraft with the aim to increase network coverage to underserved locations at cheaper costs compared to traditional networks. Stay updated with their groundbreaking projects through their LinkedIn and Twitter.

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