Emerging Florida-Based Air Transportation Startups Revolutionizing US Travel Industry

January 2, 2024

This article series continues its spotlight on exciting US startups in the exhilarating field of Air Transportation. Recently established companies in this sector are redefining mobility and connectivity, contributing cutting-edge advancements to the travel landscape. This time, we’ll be highlighting a number of intriguing new ventures emerging from the vibrant startup scene in Florida. These businesses, established in 2020 or later, are notable for their innovation, bold ideas, and potential to shape the future of air transport operations.

Each of these startups is unique, showcasing various areas of focus and specialization. From advanced air mobility solutions to business information systems and pet air transport services, these startups are making great strides in their respective niches. Even as they are just setting their foundations, these startups are setting the bar high with their ambitious visions. Without further ado, let’s have a look at these promising startups:

First on our list is Eve Air Mobility, a trailblazer in the field of air mobility solutions. Established in Fort Lauderdale, Eve Air Mobility is dedicated to creating a safe, accessible, and environmentally-friendly urban air mobility ecosystem. The startup’s comprehensive system includes an advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle project and a robust global services and support network. You can stay updated on Eve Air Mobility on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Based in Miami, SMARTii is another intriguing startup pushing boundaries. Specializing in Business Information Systems and various other industries, SMARTii aims to simplify form filling and automate data sharing between businesses and users. Check out SMARTii’s latest updates on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Sky Cana

Sky Cana, located in Coral Gables, offers services in air transportation, freight service, and general transportation. Learn more about Sky Cana by visiting their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Focused on the intersection of air transportation, business travel, hospitality, and other related sectors, MyVoiceTravel operates out of Miami. Information on their unique services and updates can be obtained via their Facebook and LinkedIn.

Millennium Pet Transport

Based in Orlando, Millenium Pet Transport specifically provides air pet transport services. Visit their website, Facebook and LinkedIn for more.

ESSE Brokerage

ESSE Brokerage, located in Clearwater, provides logistics services including land transport, sea freight, air freight, and custom solutions. They can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Journeys 360 Travel

Journeys 360 Travel, a luxury travel agency that offers a variety of services including cruises, safaris, and vacation packages. You can learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Zulu Pods

Zulu Pods is changing the game in aerospace and air transportation with their unique and patented technology. Check them out on their LinkedIn page.

Mammoth Freighters

Mammoth Freighters launches the Boeing 777 in both 200 LR and 300 ER variants and is actively developing a production and conversion site network. They provide updates through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Welojets, based in Miami, is part of the Aerospace, Air Transportation, Leisure, and Travel sectors. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Legacy Flight Group

The final startup on our list is Legacy Flight Group, providing services related to Air Transportation, Transportation, and Travel. You can connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The array of innovative startups in the air transportation landscape proves a promising outlook for Florida’s startup ecosystem. We look forward to watching these companies grow and create substantial impacts within their industries and beyond.

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