Discovering Stellar LA-Based Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing the US Market

January 25, 2024

Los Angeles, renowned for its sunny skies, diverse culture, and thriving entertainment industry, is also a hotspot for startups, particularly those found in the real estate field. Many companies established in the year 2020 or later are choosing LA as their base, all seeking to disrupt the system and establish new norms within the real estate industry. Listed below are some innovative startups operating in this space that have put LA on the map in the world of real estate technology and services.


Founded by Antonio Teddy Popescu, KEAZE is a startup company in the commercial real estate industry. KEAZE offers a unique combination of smart kitchens, delivery systems, and dining spaces that provide restaurants with efficient and profitable solutions in the new food economy. The delivery-focused, kitchen-as-a-service model offered by KEAZE affords restaurants a prime space for expansion without the prime cost. Follow them on LinkedIn for further updates.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises

Abbaszadeh Enterprises, founded by Reza Abbaszadeh, operates in a multitude of industries including business development, real estate investment, and software, among others. This conglomerate of companies, with its four key components Abbaszadeh Capital, Abbaszadeh University, Abbaszadeh Technologies, and Abbaszadeh Foundation, aims to support the financial success of both businesses and individuals. Their presence can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Apt is a startup specializing in property development, real estate, and real estate investment. Their social media presence can be found on their Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Lark Capital Group

The Lark Capital Group is a property management, real estate, and real estate investment startup. Catch their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


AdvanceCRE, founded by Bryce Goldsen and Mark Silverman, aims to redefine the commercial real estate industry. They partner with respected companies in real estate private equity, REITs, development, brokerage, and property management, among others. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn.


NineCap, founded by Aditya Kajla and Karan Kajla, operates in the real estate investment space. They stay connected on the web through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hope Street Funding & Realty

The Hope Street Funding & Realty startup offers a host of real estate services, including listings, creative marketing, asset management, consulting, construction management, loan servicing and management, leasing, and syndication opportunities. Keep up with them on their social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Cozmo offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, including commercial and residential real estate service that help buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords. Get updates on their services through Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Zietsman Property Group

The Zietsman Property Group, founded by Chris Lyle and Michael Zietsman, is notable for its services in the financial services and real estate investment industry. Updates on their activities can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Founded in 2020, Vuse is a mobile app that empowers real estate agents to create personalized content. It was put together by founders Julie Leonhardt, Julie Leonhardt LaTorre, and Leanna Creel. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.


Solospace, founded by Matt Cohen, is working on a ambitious project that bridges physical and digital realities. They’re bringing together a team of passionate designers, developers, architects, and gamers to build a web 2.5 photo-realistic metaverse. Get their latest updates through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Every mentioned startup represents a piece of the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’ real estate scene. Each brings unique solutions and vision to the table growing their appeal not just in LA, but globally, proving why this city is a preferred destination for emerging startups.

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