Boulder’s Digital Market Square: Exploring the Heart of E-Commerce

August 8, 2023

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado, where innovation meets e-commerce. In this feature, we unveil a curated collection of 15 dynamic e-commerce startups that are redefining the shopping experience in the picturesque town of Boulder.

Everscore, Inc.Connecting Consumers with Leading THC and CBD Brands

Everscore, Inc. pioneers a direct-to-consumer marketplace, bridging curious consumers with top-notch THC and CBD brands for a personalized experience.

PlantgemCultivating Green Spaces Online


Plantgem, an internet brand, provides gardening enthusiasts with curated decorative plant seeds and tools, enabling them to create stunning green spaces.

TactacRevolutionizing Online Shopping Experiences


Tactac introduces a groundbreaking approach to online shopping, offering an engaging and immersive experience that resonates with the modern consumer.

GLENN+GLENNElevating Women’s Fashion with a Contemporary Touch


GLENN+GLENN is a pioneer in contemporary women’s ready-to-wear clothing, offering fashion-forward styles to empower women’s individuality.

JawaEmpowering Gamers with a Community-Driven Marketplace


Jawa creates a vibrant community-driven marketplace for gamers to buy, sell, and exchange their gaming gear and accessories.

EarthHeroNavigating Sustainable Shopping with Ease


EarthHero’s online marketplace is dedicated to sustainable shopping, making conscious consumer choices accessible and convenient for all.

Hello People OpsBuilding an Online Platform for People Operations

Hello People Ops, Inc. crafts an innovative online platform, streamlining people operations and transforming the way businesses manage their workforce.

BidProEmpowering Homeowners through Local Services

BidPro connects millennial and Gen Z homeowners with local home service professionals, offering seamless and efficient e-commerce solutions.

Trellis Research GroupInsights for the Cannabis Industry

Trellis Research Group delivers qualitative data for retail and business consumers in the cannabis space, facilitating informed decisions.

GlasshousElevating the Cannabis Experience Online

Website redefines the online head shop experience for modern cannabis consumers, offering high-end products and curated selections.

Redfield ProctorDiscovering Unique Marketplaces


Redfield Proctor introduces a dynamic online marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers in innovative and exciting ways.

Grow With JaneCultivating Cannabis Expertise


Grow With Jane is a platform dedicated to cannabis home growers worldwide, guiding them from seed to harvest with expert insights and resources.

OkayaEmpowering IT Staffing Recruitment


Okaya transforms IT staffing recruitment solutions, providing hiring support and bridging regions such as the US and India.

Synergy EssentialsAromatherapy and Organic Wellness


Synergy Essentials offers organic essential oils and therapeutic products, providing men and women with holistic wellness solutions.

EthansMixing Drinks, Maximizing Taste


Ethans creates innovative drink mixes and shots, adding a dash of convenience to beverage enjoyment.

These 15 Boulder-based e-commerce startups are igniting the digital shopping landscape with creativity, sustainability, and immersive experiences. As they redefine how we shop, connect, and engage, they embody the spirit of innovation that thrives in Boulder, Colorado.

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