8 Best Engineering Marketplaces for Hiring Engineers

November 25, 2021
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One of the most important goals of entrepreneurs is to maintain stable business growth. Each industry has its own criteria for stability, but the common indicator for any project or enterprise and the most important asset is always personnel. No matter how sophisticated the technologies are, in the absence of proper management and operation by specialists, a tangible return on investment in them can not be expected.

By the end of 2021, new strategies for attracting and hiring employees dictated by the pandemic became a long-awaited impetus for many, and one of the populations of freelancers, digital nomads, or digital nomads, became the main culprits of the rebirth of projects and the rise of startups. The global outsourcing market development in 2021 shows that more and more companies prefer to appeal to international marketplaces.

Key Hunting Trends in Engineering

It has become more difficult to hunt experienced experts in the “cold market” due to the increase in the number of counter-offenders.

If in 2019 there was on average one counteroffer for every ten offers made, then by the end of 2020, according to some experts, almost every third offer is successfully interrupted by a counteroffer from the current employer.

Why is that? Let’s speculate:

  • The search term for a senior expert can take from 3 months to six months. It is more profitable for an employer to retain an existing specialist than to waste time and money looking for a replacement.
  • A successful counterfeiter does not always depend on the amount. We suggest not taking into account the cases when the value of the expert for the company is so great that the counteroffer is like an atomic bombing, for example, the salary is doubled for a full guarantee. More often than not, we see other successful cases of retention of current employees. For example, due to their general loyalty to the company, when the money rises to the maximum level of the existing offer or even lower. When a candidate is offered a large area of ​​responsibility in terms of tasks or management. Or alternative opportunities, such as moving within the company, working on another project, with new interesting technologies, etc.
  • Employee loyalty increases the likelihood of an accepted counteroffer. We often find that candidates are much more willing to accept counterfeiters from those employers who behaved ethically and correctly during the coronavirus crisis. For example, the company did not begin to cut salaries and lay off employees even in a difficult economic situation, or at its own expense helped to organize a comfortable workplace for remote work, or organized the payment of compensation.


Weblancer is a convenient exchange for interaction between the customer and the contractor. It provides convenient service to negotiate all the details of cooperation and pay for the work done. Freelance exchange Weblancer provides excellent opportunities for specialists to find profitable and interesting orders, and for those who need their services – to choose really qualified engineers, programmers, designers, etc.


The Australian site is ideal if you need to find specialists from other countries for short-term work. The project brings together 247 countries and 15 million users: it is one of the largest sites for finding freelancers. There are many designers, developers, engineers, and architects on the site, they can be found both by publishing information about their company and requirements and through a directory where performers are filtered by country, skills, hourly rate. Freelance services are paid for through the payment system on the site, for the use of the employer transfers the site 3% of the order amount (but not less than $ 3).

Specialists around the world can also be found using the largest freelance exchange Elance-oDesk, it is divided into two sites: Elance and the newly launched Upwork. Both work in English.


Engre.co is one of the most popular engineering platforms that present global engineering firms. It provides a wide range of services which means that every business will find the proper worker, as well as an experienced worker, will find an interesting project.

Thanks to such platforms the question of how to hire world-class engineers isn’t a problem anymore.


Today, according to the statements of this freelance exchange, Freelancehunt occupies high positions in the world. In accordance with the statements of the company, the site has a dynamic growth – a constant influx of customers and performers. The number of the former has doubled over the past 3 years, and the number of the latter has tripled. Hundreds of projects are published on the service every day, and their number is growing every month.

Easy and free start – every participant can get started without an investment. Customers do not need to pay to publish projects, and freelancers do not need to buy access to orders. Paid services are not required, but they increase the comfort of using the service several times.


Fiverr – fiverr.com is a job search service for novice freelancers, well suited as a side job. Excellent technical support, a guarantee of payment and security, a large selection of vacancies, the possibility of cooperation with world leaders (Google, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, etc.) are captivating.


If you’re a senior software developer, YouTeam is a great site that can provide remote contract work (and even freelance work). While most of the engineers on their platform are not full-time freelancers, this can be a great place to go for some long term projects.

In order to join a platform, you first need to go through a thorough background check, which adds an extra layer of credibility to this platform.


This is where WordPress experts are gathered, and it’s a great place to start. Codeable focuses on offering its customers everything from WordPress themes to plugins and that’s it. They’re literally just a resource for people to find WordPress experts, so finding the right clients just got a lot easier.


This site is set up in a slightly different format than regular freelance sites, but it works in a design context. Clients publish a competition, and designers submit their work as an application. The client chooses the design he likes best and the designer gets paid. We’re sure you’ve noticed the downside – if you don’t win, you won’t get paid. However, it can be a great way to build your portfolio in the beginning, and if you’re going to get the job done anyway, it can be a great resource.

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