Why Customer Service Still Matters in an AI Business World

March 1, 2024
Why Customer Service Still Matters in an AI Business World

As AI has advanced, many businesses have begun using it to improve their operations. However, despite AI’s many advantages, there is one thing businesses cannot automate fully—customer service. Here’s why customer service still matters in an AI business world.

Humans Are Hardwired for Connection and Understanding

Humans instinctively crave connection and understanding. Even with AI’s impressive capabilities, it lacks the human touch necessary to build strong, emotional connections with customers.

These connections often form the foundation for brand loyalty, which can significantly influence a business’s success. A chatbot may provide quick responses, but it does not empathize with a customer who has had a bad day or rejoice with one who just achieved a significant milestone. These human elements make customer service irreplaceable.

AI Doesn’t Always Improve Customer Support

While AI has made strides in various fields, it doesn’t necessarily enhance customer support. For instance, AI can misunderstand queries due to language nuances, leading to customer frustration.

Many customers have experienced the frustration of being trapped in an endless loop with a chatbot, unable to get the help they need. This situation illustrates why AI is not yet sophisticated enough to replace human customer service entirely.

In Many Circumstances, Human Employees Get Stuff Done Faster

In many situations, human employees can resolve issues more quickly than AI. For instance, consider a healthcare building where sliding doors work well. If a problem arises with these doors, a human engineer can troubleshoot and fix the issue faster than an AI system could.

The same principle applies to customer service. When customers face complex issues, human agents can use their experience and judgment to provide faster and more effective solutions.

Why Accessible Infrastructure Is a Part of Strong Customer Service

Accessible infrastructure is integral to robust customer service. It ensures that all customers, including those with disabilities, can easily interact with your business. For instance, a visually impaired customer will likely not benefit from an AI chatbot that lacks voice response features. In contrast, a human customer service representative can communicate effectively with the customer over the phone, providing a more accessible and inclusive service.

While AI has its place in your business’s operations, it is not yet a substitute for traditional customer service. The human touch in customer service still matters in an AI business world because people need connection and understanding. Moreover, AI doesn’t always improve customer support, and human employees often get things done faster.

As businesses integrate AI into their operations, they must recognize the importance of maintaining high-quality, human-centric customer service.

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