What Is The Price Of A Brand-New Car Starter?

October 18, 2022
What Is The Price Of A Brand-New Car Starter?

Cars have an electric starting motor that is used to start the engine. A traditional engine starter may turn an engine at 200–300 RPMs and is powered by the car battery. Any starter issue might make starting your automobile challenging or impossible.

What Does It Cost to Replace a Starter?

Anywhere between $50 and $350 may be needed to repair starting parts. An entirely new starter might cost anything from $80 to $350.

For a skilled mechanic to repair or rebuild your starter, you should budget between $150 to more than $1,100. Of course, if you lack money for repairs and you have taken out a loan, it is better to contact recommended debt consolidation companies to deal with financial difficulties.

Depending on the type of issue and the year, make, and model of your automobile, these numbers might be very different.

The starter on many automobiles is easily accessible and can be taken out and changed in about an hour, while some are far more difficult.

They may be tucked away behind other parts of the engine, such as the intake manifold.

Costs of Installation

You will need to plan for the expense of labor, which is frequently charged on an hourly basis if you choose to hire a professional to install the starter.

The installation may take an hour or several hours, depending on where the starter is placed in your engine and how challenging it may be to access.

A Lifetime of a Typical Vehicle Starter

Regardless of how frequently you drive, a car starter can normally start your car 80,000 times before you need to worry that it won’t work anymore.

Some starters can last the whole life of the car, however, for some vehicles, this is just about 150,000 miles.

Starters, like other auto parts, are impacted by variables including time and weather. They are therefore prone to deterioration, and each time you start your automobile, you put pressure on the component.

Driving in cold winters may reduce a car starter’s lifespan because automotive starters typically survive longer in warmer areas.

In general, according to studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, maintaining a car is quite an expensive pleasure. And the biggest part of the costs is the repair of new spare parts.

What Elements Affect The Cost Of A New Starter?

The year, make, and model of your automobile will often determine how much replacing a starter will cost. Your location may also have an impact on your total labor expenses.


For instance, replacing the starting motor on a Honda Civic typically costs around $436. However, depending on the Honda Civic model and where you live, this price may change.

Whether or whether your automobile needs a new ring gear might have an impact on the price of a replacement starting motor. If a ring gear is necessary, the whole replacement cost might increase by roughly $180.

6 Indices of a Poor Starter

1. The Starter Won’t Turn Off

After you turn off the ignition, the circuit closes if your starter is functioning properly. If it doesn’t, there are problems with your starter.

2. A Blown Fuse or Ignition Switch

A malfunctioning ignition switch is typically the cause of your ignition fuse repeatedly blowing or short-circuiting. If your engine is running, you could even see some white smoke here (electrical smoke).

3. No Start after a Starter Who Is Engaged

It’s a solid indication that there is a problem with the starter if your starter is engaged but your automobile won’t start.

4. Battery Difficulties

The battery is typically the first item you check when your lights and headlights are working but your engine won’t start.

5. The Starter Is Humming

On startup, your starter will typically grind. But it shouldn’t be particularly noisy when it clicks, whirrs, ticks, or grinds. In fact, any strange noise coming from your engine should raise a red flag.

6. The Engine Won’t Start

The starter may not be relaying enough power to start the engine if you can turn the key and hear the starting grind but the engine won’t turn over.

What Stores Sell the Components

The mechanic will let you buy the replacement parts. Alternatively, you might buy them on your own and take them to a shop for repairs.

Expect to spend extra if you order the components through your technician or dealership, especially if they prefer to utilize aftermarket parts over original equipment manufacturer parts.

While ordering the components independently from a merchant may allow you to save money, you run the danger of choosing the incorrect model, whereas a dealership or mechanic will be able to acquire the precise item you want.

A warranty on the components and labor is also probably included when placing an order with a professional.

Spending Less on Vehicle Starters

You shouldn’t skimp on a replacement for a defective auto starter since you can never overvalue a trustworthy one. You can take a few steps to prevent overspending, though.

  • Request a price upfront. Ask for a price on the components and labor no matter where you want to have a starter put in your automobile.
  • Verify the quotes. Talk to as many stores as you can to compare prices. Even while the parts may cost around the same, different shops may charge different extra costs.
  • Find out if the estimate is for aftermarket or OEM components. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components are offered by the same company that makes your automobile and are warranted to fit and function as intended. They are frequently more costly, though. Ask for an estimate utilizing aftermarket components if you feel comfortable doing so, then compare the costs.
  • You must install it. You may save money on labor by installing the starter yourself if you have the necessary equipment and a basic understanding of automobiles.


Starter failure may be the cause of your automobile not starting or making strange noises when you turn on the ignition.

Consider having a starter replaced or repaired as soon as this occurs. Do not forget that the charges may be reduced if you address the issue sooner.

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