What Can You Do With A QR Code Business Card?

June 20, 2023
What Can You Do With A QR Code Business Card?

If you have never heard of QR code business cards, you have been missing out! This is one of the best ways to connect with new business contacts and customers. There has never been a business solution that is easier when it comes to approachable marketing.

Using a QR code business card to promote your business is easier than you might think. These cards can be digital or physical, and they can be a great way to connect with business opportunities without being pushy or having to bother someone to take down your personal information. Being able to hand off all of your relevant personal information with ease can change the way that you make business connections and reach out to customers.

What is a QR Code Business Card?

You might be wondering what a QR code business card even is. These handy items can be both digital and physical. The QR code that is associated with your business card will offer those who scan it access to information like your social media links, contact information, business name, and more. You can embed a lot of details into a single QR code, and it is very easy for consumers or business partners to interact with them.

No one likes to have to bother someone they are just meeting or interacting with to take down a bunch of personal information or business information in case they want to buy a product or service. Traditional business cards offer limited information and are not as immediate an experience. A QR code that is embedded in a business card allows all of your information to be at the fingertips of anyone who scans the code.

Benefits of QR Code Business Cards

There are many benefits of QR code use in marketing, and business cards are a great way to apply this tool for your benefit. If you have never used a QR code to market your company, there is no time like the present because of the following benefits:

1. Convenient

There is nothing that is easier to hand out to a business contact or a potential client than a business card with a QR code on it. You can make these cards digital and share them via email and other online interactions, or you can choose to create actual physical cards that can be handed out in face-to-face interactions.

No matter which way you choose to utilize this kind of business card, you will be providing ready access to your information in a much more immediate way than was possible in the past. No one ever looks at a traditional business card again once it has been shoved into a wallet or a pocket. However, a QR code makes it easy for the person holding your business card to scan your information and have it stored in their phone for future use.

2. Shares Lots of Information

You can include a ton of information in your QR code, from business information to contact information to branding materials. All of this can be delivered in a few simple clicks on a smartphone screen. This is a much better way to deliver this information to people in the real world since no one wants to take the time to write down a heap of personal or business information for later use.

Best of all, since the information you are providing is linked to a QR code, the information will be stored in the device that scanned the code. This means that the potential client that you have interacted with can use the information you provided to share a quick email interaction with you or to navigate to see your social media accounts with ease.

3. Saves Time and Money

When you are creating a traditional marketing plan for a business, you might spend a lot of money generating actual paper business cards that only have limited information on them. You might also have to pay a designer to create a branded card style that is in keeping with your business colors and presentation.

QR business cards are easier to make, usually do not require the support of a skilled designer, and are much less costly to create. You will be saving time and money, particularly when it comes to using the digital version of these cards. There are few business solutions that are as good at saving time and money advertising to business partners and clients.

4. Tracks Customer Engagement

When you share traditional business cards, you can’t be sure if people have interacted with them or used them to reach out to you in the future. QR codes can help you to track the engagement that consumers and business partners have with your business cards so you can be sure that they are effective. The data that is collected from these codes can tell you where the users are who are interacting with them and can even provide information about how often they have used the code.

QR Code Business Cards Can be Highly Effective Tools

There are many ways to advertise your business these days, but solutions like QR code business cards are some of the most effective and intelligent ways to generate interest in your company. You can use these cards for so many purposes, and they can contain so much information that they are bound to be much more effective than other forms of outreach. Best of all, this kind of marketing product does not require that you bother or pester your consumers and potential partners to share all of your information with them.

If you have not pursued this method of delivering marketing outreach to various interested parties, there is no time like the present. QR codes have become an increasingly common and effective means of marketing, and your business is missing out if you are not using this helpful tool. Adding QR code business cards to your arsenal of marketing materials can make a big impact on all of your marketing efforts.

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