Ways To Increase Worker Safety on Your Packaging Line

February 23, 2023
Ways To Increase Worker Safety on Your Packaging Line

Keeping up with the demands of manufacturing can be challenging. Technology is always changing and consumer demands increase regularly, and these changes can lead to an increased risk of injury for staff. Are there methods to ensure your employees stay safe on the job? Consider the ways you can increase worker safety on your packaging line.

Train Employees

All staff members should continually receive training regarding the equipment they’re using. Reputable manufacturers will often offer certifications and training on the machinery they supply. Tailor the training courses toward your employees’ needs and skill sets. Provide hands-on equipment training along with safety instructions; reviewing visuals helps people retain information better than simply listening to a lecture.

Invest in Automation

A significant way to increase worker safety is to invest in packaging automation. These machines reduce employee injury risk by requiring fewer employee interactions than the manual process calls for. A quick example is the use of high-speed moving conveyor belts for transporting items rather than having employees carry heavy items around.

There are plenty of automated packaging machines to fit your needs. Do you need a lot of boxes for shipping purposes? Invest in a case erector to build packages quickly and efficiently. Could your business use a machine to close all the lids on the containers? A lid press machine improves efficiency and worker safety.

Test Equipment

There are multiple points in the packaging process where you should test the equipment—this includes everything from manufacturing to installation. Ensure each machine is safety certified before it ships from the facility. The manufacturer should also test any switches and equip the machinery with dual redundancy in case of failure.

After the delivery, test your equipment to ensure all the components work together properly. You should also check that the safety features are functional; if something isn’t working correctly, contact the manufacturer immediately. This thorough testing process is known as Site Acceptance Testing.

There are many ways you can increase worker safety on your packaging line. In addition to operational training and automated equipment, thoughtful layout designs are a surefire way to reduce employee risks and improve your business.

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