Virtual Reality: Current Technological Innovations

October 13, 2022
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What is virtual reality

Virtual Reality became popular in the 1980s. However, it is worth noting that its origin can be safely traced back to the Second World War, with the appearance of the first flight simulators by the U.S. Navy in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Virtual Reality is a realistic environment generated by computer technology, giving the user the feeling of being immersed in it. The general device customarily used is a helmet or VR glasses. However, we can also add another device so that the perception of different stimuli intensifies the immersion in this “new reality.”

Different uses of VR

There are multiple and varied uses for Virtual Reality; however, as expected, the entertainment sector, more precisely the one linked to video games, is the most “exploited” section of this technology.

For example, the education sector is one that tries to grow with new technologies, not only the one we explain today, but also with Augmented Reality, trying to help in the aspect of teaching-learning.

As we can remember, flight simulators were the first attempt to relate education to training. The military and the Air Force use VR to improve certain aspects of their learning.

Also, we should not forget medicine, psychotherapy, or other branches of entertainment, such as cinema, among the current and future possibilities of Virtual Reality.

Due to its high importance, we will leave a section specifically for VR and video games.

The evolution of virtual Reality in video games

Have you ever heard of the Flight Simulator? In this kind of videogames, we put ourselves in the control of many types of airplanes and helicopters to take them from one airport to another, recreating in detail all the geographical features of the planet.

Flight Simulator was succeeded by X-Plane, authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, for the training of instrument flight pilots if used with specific hardware.

The latest leap in virtual Reality in the leisure and video game sector is in the new video game consoles and smartphones. With the help of virtual reality glasses, we can immerse ourselves in a world capable of deceiving our brain, making it believe that what it sees is real. We have depth perception, a 360º vision of the environment that we get just by moving our heads.

A world of sensations and experiences

Games like Resident Evil 7 give you a lot of sensations when you play them with virtual reality glasses. It’s fantastic to hear noises behind you, turn around thinking there will be something, and find out there’s nothing. It manages to put you in that world of paranoia in which you pay attention to everything around you even though nothing happens—listening to the creaking of the wood with every step, approaching the pictures on the walls to visualize them or any object you see.

But, of course, you wouldn’t even notice things if you weren’t wearing the VR glasses.

With the glasses, you can see their eyes as if they were real, see how their hair moves, and see their teeth and hands.

Virtual Reality in video games is not only for game consoles. As we said before, on smartphones, we can also enjoy ours. Some exciting experiences include getting on a roller coaster and experiencing the thrill of riding in the front row.

You do not feel the air produced by the speed but vertigo in each descent or each looping. The screams of the passengers on the ride and the sound of the cars on the track get you into the experience at all times.

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As we have observed, Virtual Reality is one of the leading technologies today, being more than helpful in many areas. Let’s hope that it continues on this path, and we are sure that it will provide us with brilliant and incredible experiences in the future.

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