Venture Capital Startups Thriving in New York: US Industry Spotlight

January 30, 2024

Despite the challenges brought forth by the year 2020, New York’s tenacity and entrepreneurship spirit have soldiered on, showing resilience in the face of adversity. Astoundingly, there has been an inception of various Startups within the Venture capital industry whose headquarters are rooted in the heart of New York. Ventures in various sectors like Finance, Fintech, Business Development, Software, and more have sprung up and are contributing significantly to the growth and dynamism of the industry. Here, we explore some of these startups that are not only shaping New York’s business landscape but are also poised for future success.


Treasury, co-founded by Eli Broverman, James Layfield, Jeff Cruttenden, and Jonathan Christodoro, is a financial technology VC firm that supports founders. As a hub that serves, funds, and connects its members globally, Treasury hosts remote summits, groups, and events for founders and leaders in financial technology.

Metrodora Ventures

Founded by Chelsea Clinton and located in New York, United States, Metrodora Ventures is a venture capital firm that zeroes in on health and learning businesses. Check them out on their LinkedIn.

Fractal Software

Fractal Software, founded by Michael Furlong and Nate Baker, is setting the pace for the next generation of vertical SaaS startups. They aim to partner with entrepreneurs who share the same passion for developing best-in-class, modern software to enhance businesses. You can find more information on their LinkedIn.

8090 Partners

Founded by Jasper Lau and Kerem Ozmen, 8090 Partners heeds a flexible mandate and long-term horizon, which effectively supplements their partners’ single family office investments. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn.

New Form Capital

Founded by Alex Marinier, New Form Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm committed to making long term investments in FinTech applications of Blockchain technology. Get further details on their LinkedIn.

Divergent Capital

Founded by Lucy Wang, Divergent Capital is a venture capital firm that provides financial services. Their practice of private equity financing is a boon for startups, early-stage, and emerging companies with high growth potential. For more details, you can check their LinkedIn.

Primetime Partners

Primetime Partners, founded by Abby Levy and Alan Patricof, is an early-stage venture capital fund that seeks to transform the quality of living for older adults. You can explore their initiatives on their LinkedIn.


Founded by Jan-Erik Asplund and Walter Chen, Sacra provides a digital platform for researching information on the private markets. Their platform offers invaluable research on venture capital and private equity firms. Learn more about Sacra on their LinkedIn.

Avid Ventures

Avid Ventures, co-founded by Addie Lerner and Tali Vogelstein, backs exceptional founders building transformative fintech, consumer internet, and software companies. You can read more about them on their LinkedIn.

Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners has been building a packaged gas company. They provide insurance and financing services for packaged gas and welding supply distributors. Visit their LinkedIn for more.


FoundersList, founded by Philip Camilleri, is the definitive source for resources, connections, and communities within the Entrepreneurial + Startup Space. The platform uniquely enables its users to share and exchange information about resources for founders anywhere. You can visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for more information.

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