US-Based San Francisco Startups Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry

January 28, 2024

San Francisco, California, known for its innovation and creative entrepreneurship, is home to a plethora of blockchain-based startups, which were established in 2020 or later. These startups aim to transform and revolutionize various industries such as software development, cryptocurrency, entertainment, and e-commerce. Here, we’ve identified top startups in the blockchain sector operating out of San Francisco, that are not only pushing their industries forward, but also redefining the capabilities of blockchain technology.


thirdweb, co-founded by Furqan Rydhan and Steven Bartlett, is a developer tool that propels the creation of web3 apps, games, tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, DAOs, and the like. Through its innovative SDKs, developers can build web3 applications and deploy smart contracts. thirdweb thrives on accelerating digital transformation in the developer realm. Learn More about thirdweb


Drip, formed by Javaughn Lawrence and Sameep Sheth, brings the thrill of live commerce to NFTs and physical collectibles. As a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup, its uniqueness lies in its ability to merge the physical and virtual trading worlds. Learn More about Drip


Optic is a blockchain startup that monitors blockchains to reveal the origins of any NFT and how it’s been reimagined, remixed, or copied. Its proprietary technology underscores the need for transparency and trust in the blockchain industry. Learn More about Optic

Metaverse AI

Metaverse AI, a creation of Cathy L. and Henry H., is working on building the Open Metaverse with interoperable infra, dApps, virtual celebrities, and 3D VR/AR technology. As a pioneer in its space, Metaverse AI aims to shape the future of digital interactions and entertainment.

Unum ID

Unum ID was founded by Aidan McCarty and Liam McCarty, and offers an ID card network that securely allows users to share and access verified data online. Its revolutionary technology creates a single customer identity across various units and companies, ensuring unmatched online privacy and security. Learn More about Unum ID


Sommelier was formed by a team of experienced founders – Deborah Simpier, Federico Kunze Küllmer, Jack Zampolin, and Justin Kilpatrick. Offering a decentralized, bi-directional Ethereum bridge, the startup enables Liquidity Providers to execute automated financial transactions. Learn More about Sommelier

Saddle Finance

Founded by Sunil Srivatsa, Saddle Finance is an automated market maker optimized for pegged value crypto assets. It simplifies and secures the process of selling and buying crypto assets, making trading more efficient to all. Learn More about Saddle Finance

Reflexer Labs

Reflexer Labs is a brainchild of Ameen Soleimani and Stefan Ionescu, that aims to refine volatility within the cryptocurrency world. As a decentralized financial entity, the startup works to ease turbulencerelated to crypto assets. Learn More about Reflexer Labs


SIREN is a distributed protocol establishing a decentralized blockchain exchange for options trading on Ethereum. Founded in 2020, the company is committed to high-quality, seamless user experiences through its on-chain option settlement capabilities. Learn More about SIREN


Kangaroo, a gaming startup leveraging blockchain technology, aims to bring users closer to their favourite celebrities and characters through interactive storytelling. Its distinctive approach to gaming positions it as an innovator in the gaming space, promising unique experiences.


Filta, founded by Chris Horne, is a face filter platform where people can get digital merch from their favourite creators and trade limited editions of face filter NFTs on social media platforms. The company offers a refreshing take on social media usage in the blockchain world. Learn More about Filta

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