Unveiling the Fabric of Community: Nonprofit Organizations in Coweta, OK

August 29, 2023


The nonprofit sector serves as a cornerstone of American life, and nowhere is this more evident than in Coweta, Oklahoma. From spiritual sanctuaries to veterans’ support services, these organizations provide invaluable contributions to the local community. This article aims to spotlight these linchpins, explaining what they offer and how they make Coweta a better place.

Places of Worship

Assembly Of God Church

Categories: Assemblies of God, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organization, Church

With an emphasis on community and spirituality, the Assembly Of God Church holds services, community events, and outreach programs that enrich the lives of local residents.

New Bethel Assembly Of God Church

Categories: Church, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organization, Assemblies of God church, Christian Church

This church offers another haven for spiritual growth, also focusing on community service and social responsibility.

Grace Community Church

Categories: Church, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organization, Association, religion

Yet another religious hub, the Grace Community Church offers a welcoming environment for people of all walks of life to explore faith and community.

Serving Those Who Served

Disabled American Veterans

Categories: Veterans organization, Disability Services, Nonprofit Organization, Community Organizations

Focused on providing crucial services to veterans, this organization offers disability assistance, community programs, and acts as a liaison between the government and veterans.

American Legion Post 226

Categories: Community Organization, Nonprofit Organization, Community center

This community center serves as a focal point for veterans and their families, offering programs and services aimed at supporting this vital part of our society.

Supporting Community Cohesion

Coweta Masonic Lodge

Categories: Nonprofit Organization, Fraternal organization

This fraternal organization aims to foster a sense of community among its members, often involving itself in charitable works and civic events.

Elks Lodge

Categories: Nonprofit Organization, Private Members Club, Fraternal organization, Lodging, Community Organizations

Another fraternal organization, Elks Lodge places a strong emphasis on charity and offers scholarship services and other community outreach programs.

Wagoner County Blue Star Mothers

Categories: Non-profit organization

This organization unites mothers of service members, providing emotional support while also organizing community service projects.

Education and Healthcare

Northwest Elementary

Categories: Nonprofit Organization, Elementary School

As an essential component of the local education system, this elementary school not only educates young minds but also often engages in community outreach and special programs.

The Griffin Promise Autism Clinic

Categories: Medical Center, Speech Pathologist, Counselor, Charity Organization, Occupational Therapist, Nonprofit Organization

This specialized clinic provides medical services to children with autism, offering an array of therapeutic interventions and community resources.

Civic Engagement and Preservation

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Society, Inc.

Categories: Nonprofit Organization

This organization works to perpetuate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through community events, educational programs, and civil rights activism.

Commemorative Air Force – Spirit of Tulsa Squadron

Categories: History Museum, Nonprofit Organization, Museum

Preserving the history of American aviation, this museum educates the public and offers unique experiences through exhibits and events.

Rounding Up

Common Ground Ministries Inc.

Categories: Non-profit organization

Focused on community-building, this organization seeks to uplift those in need through a variety of programs and events.

Indian Springs 3 Homeowners Association


This homeowners association plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of life in the Indian Springs 3 community.


Categories: Non-profit organization

Working towards spiritual and social betterment, this ministry offers numerous programs to foster individual and community growth.


Coweta, OK is home to a plethora of nonprofit organizations that serve various facets of the community. Whether it is through spiritual guidance, education, or social services, these entities are indispensable. They are the threads that weave the rich tapestry of Coweta, making it a community where every individual can feel supported, engaged, and valued.

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