Unveiling Minneapolis’s Top Information Technology Startups: Innovative Giants in the US

January 28, 2024

Minneapolis, Minnesota has fast become a hotspot for technology startups, propelling the region to compete with other top tech hubs across the United States. Since 2020, a diverse array of information technology startups have emerged, demonstrating a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape rich in innovation and groundbreaking solutions. Here are 11 IT startups, established in 2020 or later, making waves in Minneapolis today.

The startups span across various sectors of information technology, ranging from small and medium businesses software, hardware, artificial intelligence, home services, healthcare, to manufacturing and financial services among others. These startups are playing a crucial role in shaping the IT industry while solving some of the pressing challenges in their respective markets.

Despite the challenges brought by the global pandemic, these startups show resilience, adaptability, and notable growth potential in their endeavour to improve their respective industries. Without further ado, let explore these promising startups in details.


Founded by Tony Sternberg, ProsperStack operates in Information Technology, Small and Medium Businesses, and Software sector. The company has built a hosted cancellation flow that prevents churn, by improving and automating subscriber acquisition and retention experiences. This allows products, supports, and success roles to personalize their customer interactions without relying heavily on limited development resources. ProsperStack on LinkedIn

Terrier Technologies

Terrier Technologies is a startup operating in Hardware, Information Technology, and Software industry. Though the founder details are not given, the company is part of the vibrant tech industry in Minneapolis. Terrier Technologies on LinkedIn


Pioneering the power of artificial intelligence in pitch creation, presentation, and delivery. Brevity is transforming the way businesses approach capital raising sales, interviewing and other activites. Brevity on LinkedIn


In the realm of Information Technology, Small and Medium Businesses, and Software, FerskTech is striving to offer innovative solutions tailored to match the unique requirements of its customers. FerskTech on LinkedIn

Vessel Partners

Co-founded by Doug DeBold, Vessel Partners is a versatile startup with footprints in Analytics, Health Care, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software and Web Development sectors. Vessel Partners on LinkedIn


Joe Hoffman’s startup Roofle, is revolutionizing the Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Home Services, and Logistics sectors by integrating the first and last mile of home services, beginning with roofing. Roofle on LinkedIn

Libre Technologies

Geoff Nunan and Kirt Anderson‘s brainchild, Libre Technologies, provides a ‘manufacturing data infrastructure’, ‘manufacturing execution system’, and ‘open source software’. Libre Technologies on LinkedIn


Specializing in Consulting, Information Technology, and Software, Solifi is a Minneapolis based startup offering a new perspective to their market. Solifi on LinkedIn


Craig Nelson, Mark Tasseel, MIke Cross, and Vlado Skoko brought to life CXera, a B2B Customer Experience (CX) company that integrates digital microsites to facilitate better communication, collaboration, and continuous customer success. CXera on LinkedIn


Initiated by Jeff Kluge, KidsTechEthics, helps designers and builders of games or connected devices accessed by children comply with the 15 standards promoting the well-being of the child.


A crowdfunding, financial services and information technology company, {{firstname}} is helping to reshape the landscape of fundraising experiences. {{firstname}} on LinkedIn

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