Unraveling the Artisanal Tapestry of Coweta, Oklahoma: A Journey through its Arts & Crafts Stores

June 29, 2023

Big Boss Ceramics

First on our artisanal journey, we find ourselves at the vibrant Big Boss Ceramics, a combined arts & crafts store and painting studio. Known for its eclectic collection, Big Boss Ceramics offers a wide array of ceramics and painting supplies, helping to foster the artistic spirit in everyone who walks through its doors.

Aunt Mary’s Sewing Room

For those drawn to the craft of sewing, Aunt Mary’s Sewing Room beckons. Serving as both an arts & crafts store and fabric store, Aunt Mary’s provides a charming haven for textile enthusiasts, featuring an extensive range of fabrics and sewing supplies.

4 Tons of Blessings Boutique, Craft Studio, & Home Decor Store

A multi-dimensional store, 4 Tons of Blessings Boutique, Craft Studio, & Home Decor Store, caters to a variety of customer interests. This women’s clothing store, home goods store, and arts & crafts store offers a vast array of items from fashionable apparel to artistic supplies and unique home decor.

Creative Outlets Studio

Craft enthusiasts seeking a space to explore their creativity will find themselves at home in Creative Outlets Studio. This arts & crafts store doubles as a sewing shop, providing a place where sewing aficionados can discover new patterns, fabrics, and ideas.

2 Moms Craft Shack Broken Arrow

At 2 Moms Craft Shack Broken Arrow, craft enthusiasts can find a plethora of materials for their next creative venture. Serving as both an arts & crafts store and a craft store, this place is a one-stop-shop for crafting enthusiasts.

Pinot’s Palette

A hub of creativity and camaraderie, Pinot’s Palette offers a unique paint-and-sip experience, allowing visitors to explore their artistic side while enjoying a glass of wine.


A well-known name in the arts and crafts world, MICHAEL’S offers a wide range of crafting supplies, home decor, and much more, with a reputation built on over forty years of service.

Hobby Lobby

A veritable paradise for DIY enthusiasts, Hobby Lobby offers an extensive selection of arts and crafts supplies, from custom framing and scrapbooking to fabric and seasonal products.

Gypsy-Moon Studios Fabric and Quilting

For those passionate about textiles and quilting, Gypsy-Moon Studios Fabric and Quilting is a must-visit. This fabric store and quilt shop offers a rich selection of materials for textile art enthusiasts.

Georgia’s Arts & Crafts Studio

A haven for crafts enthusiasts, Georgia’s Arts & Crafts Studio is known for its wide variety of crafting materials, allowing visitors to bring their creative visions to life.

Timber Craft LLC

Specializing in hobby supplies and games, Timber Craft LLC serves as a craft store, toy store, and miscellaneous retail shop all in one, offering something for everyone.

Log Cabin

A hybrid of an arts & crafts store, quilt shop, and fabric store, Log Cabin is renowned for its distinctive collection of high-quality materials and unique crafts.

A Memory To Scrap

As its name suggests, A Memory To Scrap is a paradise for scrapbooking enthusiasts, offering a plethora of materials to help capture precious memories in creative ways.


Another popular name in the craft industry, JOANN TULSA offers a wide variety of craft supplies and fabrics, ensuring that every crafter can find what they need to complete their projects.

Each of these stores contributes to the rich tapestry of the Coweta’s arts & crafts industry, fostering creativity and providing inspiration to crafters of all levels. These arts and crafts stores are more than just retailers – they are pillars of the local community, providing spaces for people to explore their creativity, learn new skills, and express themselves through art.

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