Uncovering the Automotive Artisans: Bridgewater, VA’s Elite Body Repair Establishments

July 9, 2023

River Road Automotive

Known for its extensive range of services, River Road Automotive brings a multitude of expertise to the table. From customizing and restoration to reconditioning and auto body repair & painting, the team is skilled in a variety of specialties. They’re particularly sought-after for their proficiency in paint color matching, self-service, and performance cars.

Diehls Auto Body

Boasting an impressive variety of skills, Diehls Auto Body offers comprehensive services, including auto body repair & painting, frames, automotive repair, and more. Their ability to take on both minor and major body repair tasks, coupled with their knack for automobile body painting, positions them as a go-to local business for all things auto body related.

Hussey’s Automotive

Hussey’s Automotive, a name synonymous with auto repair and maintenance, provides high-quality auto body repair services. Their adept team of automotive repair specialists have a reputation for quick and reliable service.

Brother’s Specialty Mobile Service & Repair LLC

Brother’s Specialty Mobile Service & Repair LLC specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services, such as auto maintenance, auto air conditioning service, and alternator repair. They are a one-stop solution for auto body repair needs.

Diehl Dennis Dale

Diehl Dennis Dale focuses on providing services related to glass and frames, making them a reliable destination for auto body repair services.

J W Long Truck Repair LLC

With a specialty in truck repair, J W Long Truck Repair LLC caters to an array of truck-related issues, proving themselves a top automotive repair shop in the region.

Great Dane Trailers Incorporated

As a key player in the industry, Great Dane Trailers Incorporated offers a wide spectrum of services. They focus on equipment, parts, trailers, and truck service, offering an impressive lineup of products and services for body repair & painting and trailer equipment.

Absolute Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Known for its distinctive range of services, Absolute Termite & Pest Control Inc. not only excels in pest control but also provides top-notch welding and upholstery cleaning services, making it a unique choice for automotive repair and upkeep.

Curb Appeal Automotive Paint Pro, LLC

Curb Appeal Automotive Paint Pro, LLC, with its dedicated focus on auto body shop services, has carved out a niche in the local market.

Autobody Pro Shop Inc

As the name suggests, Autobody Pro Shop Inc delivers superior auto body repair & painting services, combining their knowledge of automotive repair with the finesse of an auto body shop.

Jacob’s Powder Coating

Jacob’s Powder Coating stands out with their dual speciality in automotive parts and auto body services. They offer a blend of technical expertise and aesthetic finesse to restore vehicles to their prime condition.

Waugh’s Customs LLC – LINE-X of Harrisonburg

An industry innovator, Waugh’s Customs LLC – LINE-X of Harrisonburg is a leader in high-quality restoration and cleaning services. Their use of advanced powder coating and power washing tools makes them a standout in the industry.

Truck Enterprises Inc – Dealership

Truck Enterprises Inc offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including auto parts supply, body repair, body painting, and commercial truck dealership. This multi-faceted business is a mainstay in the local automotive landscape.

Early Road Auto Body Repair

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, Early Road Auto Body Repair sets itself apart with a unique array of specialties. From chip repair to scratch repair, aluminum works to clear coat finishes, this shop provides a one-stop solution for auto body repair needs.

Michael’s Auto Body

Michael’s Auto Body is a premier auto body shop known for its superior auto repair services. They specialize in collision repair, auto painting, and auto glass repair, using only the highest quality auto body parts and paints.

In conclusion, Bridgewater, VA hosts a wide array of top-notch auto body repair establishments that not only cater to a multitude of repair needs but also add immense value to the local automotive industry.

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