Trailblazing San Diego Startups Revolutionizing the US Medical Industry

January 26, 2024

Medical startups have become a barometer for innovation and progress in the healthcare industry. Especially those based out of San Diego, California, which has grown into a hub for healthcare startups since 2020. These startups aim to use technology to provide creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges within the medical industry. This article profiles some of these promising startups operating in the medical industry in San Diego.

Despite the harsh economic climate imposed by the global pandemic, these companies have sprung up to tackle healthcare crises with modern and effective solutions. Whether it’s biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare software, each company brings something unique to the medical industry. Nuevo San Diego startups with their roots in innovation and an eye for futuristic health solutions are ahead of the curve when it comes to breakthroughs in healthcare.

The relentless innovation churned out by these startups in the healthcare industry has been commendable. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting ventures and what they bring to the table in terms of improving healthcare and patient outcomes.

Turquoise Health

Founded by Adam Geitgey and Chris Severn, Turquoise Health is a health tech company that simplifies administration to reduce the cost and complexity of healthcare. From eliminating administrative burdens to optimizing revenue, Turquoise Health has its sights set on making healthcare easier for everyone. Check out their Linkedin.

Longboard Pharmaceuticals

Kevin R. Lind founded Longboard Pharmaceuticals to deliver innovative medicines for rare neurological diseases. With its proprietary pipeline of potential treatments, Longboard revolutionizes how rare diseases are addressed. Check out their Linkedin profile for more information.

Abintus Bio

Carlos E. Ibañez, Cory Bentley, Derek Ostertag, and Douglas Jolly founded Abintus Bio to work on in vivo immune cell reprogramming. They aim to provide first-in-class products that modulate immune cells in unique ways. Check out their Linkedin profile for more information.


Palamedrix, established by Shane Bowen, is a company that aims to advance life sciences and medicine with its multi-omic platform. It uses DNA nanotechnology to provide biomedical solutions. Check out their Linkedin profile for more information.

Lengo Therapeutics

Founded by Tracy Saxton, Lengo Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of cancer treatments. By identifying mutations overlooked by existing therapeutics, they aim to help target driver mutations in oncology. Check out their Linkedin profile for more information.

Contakt World

Contakt World combines innovative technology and processes to improve community health and equity. Founded by Andre Basbaum, Justin S. Beck, Riaz Ferdaus, and Robin Coleman, Contakt World positions itself as a contact tracing platform for enterprises and governments. Check them out on Linkedin and Facebook.

Trestle Biotherapeutics

Founded by Alice Chen and Ben Shepherd, Trestle Biotherapeutics is revolutionizing the treatment of kidney diseases with bioengineered kidneys. They aim to reduce the reliance on dialysis and improve patient condition through stem cell biology and bio-fabrication.

Luna Diabetes

Luna Diabetes is a healthcare startup offering innovative solutions in diabetes care. Check them out on Linkedin and Facebook.

F5 Therapeutics

F5 Therapeutics focuses on precision-based protein degradation to remove disease-causing proteins. Visit them on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Core Virtual Solutions

Core Virtual Solutions offers virtual workers for various sectors, including health care and medical, real estate, solar energy, and more. Check them out on Linkedin and Facebook.

Avery Digital

Avery Digital is a breakthrough startup operating in the intersection of biotechnology, chemical engineering, and medical solutions. You can get more information about them from their Linkedin page.

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