Trailblazers in Brandon: Management Service Companies Paving the Way

June 28, 2023

1. Aspire Incorporated

Aspire Incorporated offers a comprehensive suite of services, stretching from education and employment to business consultancy. The company provides everything from career guidance to adult continuing education, thereby facilitating growth not only for businesses but also for individuals. The broad range of services offered demonstrates Aspire’s commitment to creating a multifaceted business ecosystem.

2. Osborne Engineering Inc

Osborne Engineering Inc represents an intersection of engineering, research, accounting, and management services. The absence of a website doesn’t detract from the company’s commitment to offering top-tier engineering solutions complemented by effective management services.

3. Construction Cost Analysis Inc

As the name suggests, Construction Cost Analysis Inc primarily operates in the construction industry. By combining engineering, accounting, and management services, the company provides a holistic approach to construction management, ensuring each project is completed on time and within budget.

4. Douglas F Gilstrap Inc

Douglas F Gilstrap Inc specializes in structural engineering but also extends its expertise to accounting, research, and management services. The company’s broad array of services proves indispensable for projects requiring a structural engineering perspective.

5. Pete Allen Consulting Inc

As a management services company, Pete Allen Consulting Inc leans heavily on engineering, accounting, and research to help businesses overcome challenges. This company stands as a testament to the importance of multidisciplinary approaches in business consultancy.

6. Cynthia Cooper Consulting

Cynthia Cooper Consulting provides a range of services, including business consulting, engineering, accounting, and research. Cynthia’s team leverages these areas of expertise to provide high-quality management services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

7. Franklin Acquisition Group

If you’re looking for funding, the Franklin Acquisition Group should be your first stop. With a capital funding program that boasts a 90% approval rating for small businesses, the company is dedicated to making dreams come true for aspiring entrepreneurs.

8. Occupational Consulting LLC

Occupational Consulting LLC, found at, may not have a long list of categories, but the depth of its expertise in occupational consulting is unsurpassed.

9. Dickson Advertising Incorporated

Dickson Advertising Incorporated stands at the forefront of the advertising industry, offering a range of services from business consultancy to advertising counseling. The company helps brands find their voice and reach their target audience effectively.

10. Magee Enterprises

Magee Enterprises positions itself as a bridge between technology and education. From providing educational solutions and seminars to facilitating distance learning, this company is committed to fostering technological integration in teaching paradigms.

11. Teleview Communications

Teleview Communications offers an array of services, from electronic and telecommunications consulting to security system installation. By leveraging technology, Teleview Communications helps businesses maintain a competitive edge.

12. Clark Maggie Media Services

Located at, Clark Maggie Media Services provides business consultancy and advertising services, helping businesses effectively communicate their unique selling points to potential customers.

13. Magnolia Real Estate Management Group

Magnolia Real Estate Management Group provides professional management consultancy in the real estate sector, demonstrating a commitment to quality service and client satisfaction.

14. Waterstone Business Strategies

Waterstone Business Strategies operates in the management services industry, offering strategic business solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by its clients.

15. Morgan Outdoors

A business management consultancy with a niche focus, Morgan Outdoors combines a love for the outdoors with professional business acumen, demonstrating the diversity within Brandon’s management services industry.

Each of these companies plays a vital role in shaping Brandon’s dynamic business landscape. They represent the spirit of innovation and dedication that keeps this city thriving. By recognizing and showcasing their unique contributions, we pay tribute to the hard work and ingenuity that make Brandon, Mississippi, a promising hub for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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