Thriving in the Fields: Spotlight on Cottonwood’s Remarkable Farms

June 17, 2023

Womack Farm

Womack Farm brings together years of family tradition with modern techniques. Although the specifics of their operations remain private, their commitment to providing fresh, local produce is widely recognized.

Hasten McCardle Farms

Hasten McCardle Farms is an unassuming agricultural entity that embodies the heart and soul of Cottonwood farming. Their operations, though not publicized, are considered integral to the local farming ecosystem.

McCord Dennis

McCord Dennis is an embodiment of independent farming. This farm, although without a dedicated website, is known for its impactful contributions to Cottonwood’s agricultural community.

Dix Camelot Farms

A farm with a difference, Dix Camelot Farms offers more than just agriculture. As a horse boarding stable, they offer a safe and friendly environment for equine lovers, while maintaining their agricultural roots.

RJ Farms

RJ Farms is a unique blend of agriculture and retail. Operating as a supermarket, they deliver an impressive range of fresh produce directly from their farm to the community, ensuring top-notch quality.

Parmer Brothers

The Parmer Brothers farm is synonymous with Cottonwood’s rural charm. Though their operations remain largely offline, their influence in the farming community is undeniable.

Danford Farm

The multi-faceted Danford Farm showcases the variety of agricultural operations in Cottonwood. Farming, ranching, crop production, and other general farm activities are all undertaken here with excellence, making it a cornerstone of the area’s agricultural production.

Brackin Farm

Brackin Farm, a traditional farming establishment in Cottonwood, focuses on crop cultivation. They demonstrate the importance and value of local farming to the community and economy.

Rockin’ M Farms LLC

Rockin’ M Farms LLC is a notable player in Cottonwood’s farm scene. Though they operate discreetly, their contributions to the local agricultural community are substantial.

Mc Neill Farms

Mc Neill Farms is a multi-functional entity that successfully manages diverse operations ranging from crop production to other agricultural services. Their online presence serves as a testament to their modern approach to farming.

Brookins Farm

Brookins Farm is another representative of Cottonwood’s agricultural heritage. Their operations, although not detailed online, are a vital part of the farming community.

Lad Farms Inc

Lad Farms Inc, a pivotal figure in the local farming scene, continues to uphold the tradition of farming in Cottonwood. Their contributions to the agricultural ecosystem, while not publicized, are well recognized.

Askew Farm

Askew Farm adds to the rich tapestry of Cottonwood’s farming community. Although they do not maintain a digital presence, their commitment to agriculture is well known and respected.

Green Acres Buffalo and Catfish Farm

Green Acres Buffalo and Catfish Farm offers a distinctive farming experience, providing business services and wholesaling meats. Their unique model enriches Cottonwood’s farming diversity, bringing farm-to-table meats to the community.

Donald Ray Spivey

Donald Ray Spivey’s farming operations encapsulate the spirit of Cottonwood’s farming. Without a digital front, his work stands as a testament to the importance and value of individual contributions to the farming industry.

From traditional farms to modern agricultural businesses, Cottonwood, Alabama is home to an array of farm enterprises each playing a unique role in the community. These entities, despite many operating offline, enrich the farming landscape and showcase the depth of Cottonwood’s agricultural heritage. Whether providing fresh, locally grown produce or diversifying into niche markets, each farm contributes to the heart and soul of Cottonwood, cementing its reputation as a town thriving in the fields.

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