Thrills and Skills: The Rich Tapestry of Amusement Companies in Farmington, MI

June 24, 2023

1. Sport-n-Fun Batting Cages

The Sport-n-Fun Batting Cages are a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. As a multifaceted amusement center, it offers a Go-Kart track, mini golf course, and sports facilities, among other amenities. The batting ranges are especially popular, making it a fantastic place for team sports and casual games alike.

2. Zap Zone Extreme Limited

Zap Zone Extreme Limited, an amusement and theme park, is a paradise for those seeking adrenaline-infused fun. This attraction includes an arcade, laser tag center, and other features that provide wholesome entertainment for children, families, and parties.

3. Hutchinson Studios

Hutchinson Studios serves up a variety of amusement and recreation services. Whether you’re looking for a space to unwind or have fun, this recreational venue caters to a multitude of interests.

4. Kils Tae Kwon Do Number 9 LLC

Kils Tae Kwon Do Number 9 LLC offers a unique blend of recreation and self-defense instruction. Catering to all ages, it’s an ideal place for people seeking to learn martial arts in a supportive environment.

5. The Haunted Junction

For those who love a good scare, The Haunted Junction offers a thrilling experience. This haunted house attraction promises to bring both fear and fun to daring visitors.

6. Farmington Martial Arts

Farmington Martial Arts is a premier destination for martial arts training. Offering classes in various styles, this school places a heavy emphasis on wellness and self-defense.

7. Michigan Martial Arts Supply

Michigan Martial Arts Supply caters to the needs of martial arts enthusiasts. Although it doesn’t have an online presence, it provides a variety of martial arts equipment, supplies, and educational resources for both trainers and students.

8. Fountainhead Flyfishing Services

For those who love to cast a line, Fountainhead Flyfishing Services offers guided fishing trips and outdoor leisure activities. This service is a catch for outdoor enthusiasts and novice anglers alike.

9. Les Boissons

Les Boissons is an eco-friendly event planner and supplier. It’s dedicated to reducing waste and utilizing organic ingredients for its beverages. In addition to its environmentally friendly services, Les Boissons is also a licensed and insured event planner, making it a reliable choice for hosting any celebration.

10. Goldfish Swim School Of Farmington

The Goldfish Swim School of Farmington is a perfect place for people seeking swimming lessons in a fun, safe environment. The school also doubles as an amusement park, adding an exciting twist to traditional swim instruction.

11. Phazer Land

Phazer Land is an amusement and arcade facility designed to cater to children. Its attractions make it an ideal place for a day of family fun or a memorable children’s party.

12. Brad’s Arcades

At Brad’s Arcades, you can dive into the nostalgic world of pinball. As a supplier of pinball machines, it’s a must-visit for arcade enthusiasts and vintage game lovers.

13. D S Kim’s Black Belt

School Korean Tae Kwon Do D S Kim’s Black Belt School offers martial arts instruction in a state-of-the-art facility. The blend of martial arts taught at the school provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for all ages.

14. Perfect Game

Perfect Game promises a perfect blend of fun and entertainment. With bowling, laser tag, an extensive arcade, a classic cocktail bar, and a signature restaurant, it provides an ultimate venue for a memorable outing.


Farmington, MI, boasts an array of amusement companies, each providing unique and engaging experiences. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, honing a skill, or simply looking for a fun day out, there’s a destination in Farmington that’s perfect for you.

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